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Case studies — what is it?

Case study — research method in business, and detailed examination of a subject of study (the case), as well as its related contextual conditions. Learning from an example that arose in real life. And this is the most practical way of learning in business, because ideas have passed the test of strength from reality, that is, these are already tested hypotheses. A case study may be an article posted on our website or in video format (YouTube video, which can be attached to the article). Case studies can also help to draw ideas for business or for daily work.

Best business case studies of 2020, 2021

casezz — the site with case studies, real examples, money talk. Sharing economy of business expirience. It is a feed of case studies on topics of interest to you. Traditional social media make a person degrade by flipping through a feed of meaningless posts, while the casezz is designed to ensure that users have a feed not of buzzy posts, but of helpful case studies, allowing continuous learning. Under each case study there is a result of it.

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