Case for earning $14,000 with the famous Reduslim offer

MaikLOL • 5 May 2022

Find out how to earn from $14,000 using the famous Reduslim brand. Financial plan and business strategy development scheme.


At the end of February, a LuckyOnline employee contacted us with an offer to use the Reduslim offer in Italy. After a suggestion from Dmitry (@LuckyDmitry), we monitored the niche and found some interesting solutions (we can’t reveal all the secrets since we still use one of the business schemes). As a result, we prepared creative solutions, compiled a business model, and proceeded to the testing stage.

Scheme of work and target area

To attract the attention of the target audience, we chose Facebook. At the same time, we didn’t have any problems with moderation, although we used auto tags. Each launch of an advertising company was successful initially, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team. We also want to list the following tools and resources that we used:

  • domain range —;
  • autoregistration —;
  • target — Facebook feed, women aged 35 and older;
  • software — multilogin, keitaro, adheart, dolphin.

We used a 1-3-1 scheme in our work with a manual bid and a budget of $20 for each entry. As a rule, we launched several limited packages with 50 entries each. In some cases, a manual layout was required to match the language parameters to the geolocation point.

Creative elements

We took the simplest solution for our project. Images and video content were used as advertisements. Despite the low CTR in some cases (about 1.5%), creative solutions were relevant.


Statistics and expenses

We did not take screenshots from Facebook, as we did not originally plan to make this case public. However, below you can see some screenshots from active advertising platforms:

FinanceFinance 2

 We try to keep the cost per lead up to $11. We try to exclude everything that exceeds this value. We also regularly raised the budget by 15-20% to not knock down the optimization once a day. From 03/01/2022 - 04/11/2022, we received $34,160 while spending $19,500. As a result, the profit was $14,660, with an ROI of 75%. These are minimal numbers, really, but we've just begun!



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