Алекс Богота • 25 October 2020

Case for the referral program for advertisers in the CPA segment from Impact and Revolute, which are the owners of the “Performance Marketing Awards 2020” prize in the @The Best financial advertising company”

The company Revolute( is a British finites, which headquarter situates in London, Great Britain. Which provides banking services. It was found in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko.

The Impact Company ( is CPA-network, which was found in 2008 in Santa-Barbara, California. This network is specializing on automating of the whole cycle of affiliate marketing.

There is no secret for anybody that the banking technologies in modern Europe are far from what domestic inhabitant used to deal with. And it is not about product,it’s about usability.The European banking sector is too old.All customers have been divided among  main players. So there is no points to fight  for the consumers in such conditions. There are also no points of adding new original features.

Once upon a time , our compatriot , Nikolay Storonsky made a calculation, that he loses several thousand dollars a year on the exchange rate and commissions while travelling. As a multi-currency card didn’t exist at that time, so he and his partner decided to found their own service. And this is how Revolut appeared –a mobile add integrated with a multi-currency debit card.

So now any Russian citizen could easily get a card with a British BIN, licensed by MasterCard. This greatly simplified the work with foreign services, that didn’t like our cards.

Revolut Company is a new one on the financial market, but it seeks to move world competitors trying to convince the customers to get away from the usual order of things. To achieve their goal, company dropped their forces for development of their own internal referral program in 2019. They decided to turn their supporters on their official representatives.

Fintech knew that automation was necessary for competent management and systematic development of partnerships.So  he joined their forces with Impact CPA network.

To increase clients o 100 per cents, Impact proposed to refuse big volume of manual work, to free up time for the employees to work with new referrals. They decided to develop new system for their rand ambassadors. Impact technologies allowed reducing manual labor of ref system employees. Accordingly, the costs associated with these processes have been reduced. So the company had the opportunity to make individual contracts with the different partners. That fact allowed to Revolute and Impact to make separate payment models for their partners from different segments.

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