$14.4k net for three TikTok offers

Benjamin Hamphrey • 3 June 2022

Hi all! My name is Benjamin Hamphrey and I would like to introduce you to Daniil Zhdanov, who achieved great success in arbitration in six months. By great luck, he shared his experience and bundles of white goods from Traffic Light's TikTok agency accounts.

Source: TikTok agency accounts from Traffic Light 
Total expenses: $  14,321
Revenue: $28,679 
Profit: $14,358 
ROI: 100% 
Total drain period: From 11/01/2021 to 04/08/2022 
Net profit by months:
1) November: 85,000 rubles 
2 ) December: 240,000 rubles 
3) January: 231,000 rubles 
4) February: 228,000 rubles 
5) March: 245,000 rubles 
6) April: 91,000 rubles


  1. ÔĽŅI love You pendant in 100 languages
  2. Car DVRS Mirror 
  3. Tactic pants - indestructible pants 

During all this time of draining traffic, I have identified three successful bundles and now I will talk about each of them in more detail. I'll start with the one that brought the least profit and continue in ascending order to leave the most interesting for the final.  


Bundle 1.  I love you pendant in 100 languages 

Expenses: $1,548 
Income: $3,277 
Profit: $1,729 
ROI: 112% 
Drain period:  from 02/01/2022 to 03/2/2022 
Audience: men 18+
GEO: Belarus, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Hungary 

I poured on pendants on the eve of February 14 and 8 March.¬†I made creatives for the holiday theme with the message that ‚ÄúFebruary 14 is coming soon, have time to buy this pendant for your soulmate‚ÄĚ, then I remade the same creatives for March 8 and continued to pour the bundle.

He uploaded to Belarus, respectively, in Russian, with Russian voice acting and text, for the rest of the GEO he took the most effective creatives, redid the voice acting and text to the language of the country with the help of a translator and a service for voice acting. 

Examples of successful creatives: 

First: link
Second: link 
Creo under Spain: link 

It happened that, for example, the link does not go to Belarus and Italy, but at the same time it works well for Spain. You need to test all available GEOs for the offer and, of course, create creatives with different approaches to increase the chances of finding a converting link.

Statistics from two TikTok agency accounts


TT status


Stat TT


Statistics with Traffic Light 


Stat TL

I uploaded a bunch using automatic creative optimization for a male audience with an ad group budget of $20-50. In one adset (ad group) I uploaded all available creatives and used five different texts, a standard call to action "Learn more" or "Buy". Then I just copied this group up to 10 pieces, increasing the chances of hooking any adsets. Then, when the bundle began to bring leads and turn well, I loaded more adsets without changing anything in them. So I scaled the link.

In TikTok, the approach that converts is important, and you can only find it with the help of numerous tests, so I believe that 90% of the work with the platform is work with creatives. I do not narrow the target and optimize its settings, but upload new adsets and update creatives in them. 

Basically, I always use a manual bid, because it minimizes the risks of budget drain compared to the lowest cost, but at the same time, when I upload a bundle for the first time, I set the bid higher so that the creatives get into the auction faster and the pixel starts learning. Further, as leads come in, I upload new ad sets with a lower rate. If I don’t get traffic even with a higher bid, then I use the job with the lowest cost and monitor ad sets more carefully, because. opening is much faster.

I filled in the pendants for the holiday, therefore, at that time the demand was higher and there were more leads, but after the holidays this offer can also be continued to be uploaded, you just need to form hypotheses, approaches and apply them in new creatives and test, test, test . 

Adsets (Spain) 

Adsets Spain

This offer has been around for many years and it’s scary to imagine how many leads it has received. However, you should not assume that it is squeezed out, because this offer has a WOW effect and you can make a good volume on it. The main thing is to find a way.  

Bundle 2.  Car DVRS Mirror Mirror 

Expenses: $1,673 
Revenue: $3,762 
Profit: $2,089 
ROI: 125% 
Audience: men and women 18-55+
Deadline: From 02/08/2022 to 04/06/2022
GEO: Romania, Poland 

DVRs have been popular for a very long time, this the link works great. In fact, the DVR is a convenient gadget, and this one is also in the form of a mirror. No less important, you can fill the DVR at any time of the year, because the product does not depend on the season. The main thing is to choose an approach and make converting creatives, here are a couple of them: 

First: link 
Second: link 

I uploaded everything in the same way: 

  • the goal of the Conversion company,
  • exclude all sources except TikTok,
  • we set the target without restrictions: men and women, age 18-55+,
  • then we duplicate the adsets and look at the turnaround, if the rotation is weak, then we raise the bid or work with the lowest cost.¬†

I searched for creatives on YouTube and from TikTok advertising results, uniqueized them, added text, voice acting and music. Then I uploaded the video and watched the results. When some creatives started to convert better than others, I worked in them, added new text, voice acting, music, and again loaded new adsets for scaling. 

Statistics from TikTok 

Stat TT


Stat TT


Statistics with Traffic Light 


I monitored adsets and turned off those that gave expensive leads. For all the time in arbitration, I noticed that the most profitable days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and weekends. The auction is more unloaded, there are more leads and they are cheaper, so I recommend testing offers and scaling these days. 

Statistics on registrars in Traffic Light was high, which made it possible to pour in a good plus. The price for a valid lead averaged $3, and the offer approval for Poland was about 60%, and for Romania 40%.

In addition to Poland and Romania, I also tried to upload this bundle to Italy and Hungary, but not very successfully. Hungary did not go because of poor voice acting: there was no Hungarian in the services, and the translator's text sounded like a robot. Italy just didn't go.

An important point: in Creo, you should not just change the intonation of voice acting, that is, take one text, voice it in services in a female and male voice and use it for one video sequence. In a good way, you need to make hypotheses and completely change the creative so that the creo turns out to be as unique as possible, thus in the auction the CPM will be lower, therefore the leads are cheaper. 

An example of hypotheses for a video recorder: 

  • The first creative will be just advertising ‚Äúlook at which DVR, it can shoot video, doesn‚Äôt take up much space, etc.‚Ä̬†
  • The second creative will be an unpacking of the DVR with a review of its operation, such a creative is more native and may appeal to the audience.
  • The third creative will reveal the product in terms of its functionality.¬†Let's say you can show how well the camera shoots, or how the registrar can help in unforeseen situations, etc #nbsp.

Thus, you can create a lot of different hypotheses and find exactly the one that will bring a lot of leads and good volume. Plus, this will allow you to catch on to the right audience, because using the automatic optimization of creatives, TikTok itself will select the best creative that will fall into one or another audience.

Adsets (Poland)


Adsets Poland


Bundle 3.  Tactic pants - indestructible pants 

Expenses: $11,100 
Income: $21,640 
Profit: $10,540 
ROI: 95% 
Audience: men and women 18-55+
Deadline:  from 11/01/2021 to 04/08/2022 
GEO: Romania, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, 

In the very At the beginning, I poured this offer into a small plus, the volumes were low and there were very few leads. But the approval was stable, and the payouts were good, so I decided to work with this offer and started sorting through a bunch of different hypotheses, using different voice acting, etc. And in the end I found creatives that convert well. Now all of Europe is wearing tactical pants!

Here are the creatives that brought in a lot of leads: 

First: link 

Statistics from TikTok


Stat TT


Stat TT


Stat TL


Five GEOs were involved, while the creatives were identical, only the text and voice acting changed. It used to be that the link was filled very well, there were a lot of leads, but after a few days you look at the statistics and you realize that you spent $1,400 on advertising and earned $1,500. That is, you did a lot of unnecessary actions, sprayed yourself on different GEOs and did not keep track of the quality of traffic. For this reason, you should, first of all, strive not for the number of leads, but for their quality, extracting the maximum profit from each lead. 

You also need to understand that one good bundle will cover all your expenses for tests and bring a good profit. Try not to be scattered, but work on the offer in which you see the potential and which brings leads at the time of the tests (such an offer can bring profit for several years). 

Regarding white goods and TikTok, I want to say that this is a great way to enter arbitrage with a small investment and make good profits.


What helped you to get a profit?

New approaches in creatives and their periodic uniqueization.

How much budget do you spend on tests?

 For tests of one offer, I spent about $20, if you take several offers, it comes out from $50 to $100. I also want to say that you need to work on the quality of leads, not their quantity. There were days when a lot of leads came, but the final ROI was about 20%. When I spent about $500 on advertising, I received only $600, that is, the net profit was only $100.

What problems are you facing?

Adsets that made a profit yesterday, today either do not give leads, or bring expensive leads. This problem is rather related directly to the very peculiarity of the TikTok auction, so I disable all yesterday's adsets and upload new ones.

It also often happens, especially during the first test of an offer, that you set a normal bid and there is simply no return, or it’s very slow, in which case I: 

1) raise the bid and see if the return has appeared, if not, then I increase it again, etc. 
2) if patience is not enough, then I fill in the ad set for the lowest cost (it is important that there is only one creative in this ad set, because if there are several, then TikTok starts to dissipate and quickly drains the budget). So when uploading for the lowest cost, it is worth doing only 1 adset per 1 creative, and not 10-20, as when uploading for a bet. 

How to scale?

My simple scaling rule is just copy the converting adsets.

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