AdCash: How To Make Easy Profit With Sweepstakes

Nigina • 4 October 2020

Offer Vertical: Sweepstakes
Payout: €2.65 (3 USD)
GEO: Germany
Affiliate Network: Clickdealer
Traffic Network: AdCash
Tracker: Binom


To begin with, I would like to highlight that before using AdCash, I was two-minded whether I could success with it or not. However, after trying this traffic a few years ago, I have realized that its algorithm is prepared in a such way that one can get positive ROI from the very beginning after launching a campaign.

This AdCash case study reveals the details about the campaign, such as exact offer, information about zones, used tracker settings and optimized landing page.


Due to the fact that Germany has been showing satisfying performance in the sweepstakes vertical for a few months, I have decided to experience to scale my campaigns in various traffic sources as well. The reason why I prefer German SOI (Single Opt In) is that, they usually offer higher payouts. In my case, the offer was the Amazon Sweepstake Lead Generation which was available on ClickDealer. You can check the website for other different merchants and stores, which even may provide higher ROI.


I have chosen a landing page which is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Its interface is very convenient to use consisting of four part questionnaire. Personally, I have used non-logo version in my case, so if you want to use logo or non-logo version, firstly, make sure legal policy on AdCash if you are eligible to use logo version for profit purposes.

Landing page
Landing Page


The process of setting campaign was quite straightforward. I would recommend to those, who are using for the first time to start with a funnel containing different offers to test for about two or three. In my case, I have a trustworthy relationship with my Account Manager in ClickDealer and I know which landing page works for the vertical. Thus, I picked up a single offer.

To know tracker settings is very significant to automatically track click costs. So, firstly, make sure that [redirection cost] token is included in your Campaign URL, the campaigns bid model is set to CPC and Auto Box should be checked off. To jot down more clearly, you can just cross daily spent reference in AdCash reports interface to update costs and  in your tracker manually, however, owing to the characteristics of CPA Goal Bidding  model, where the system bids differently on each zone, if you do not update each zone’s cost separately, it will not be accurate.

Tracker settings


It is not challenging to setup. Below I will provide screenshots to demonstrate exact campaign settings.

1. Name your campaign and select location


2. For targeting, deselect all sources, except for AdCash. Uncheck “Allow traffic from new supply sources” field. Click Next.


3. Set browser language as “German” and device type as “Desktop”.third

4. In Creatives tab, choose Pop-under Web for your creative and insert your Campaign URL from Binom.

Click Next.

5. In Budget Tab, select your bid model as CPA target.


6. Click “Create Campaign” and it will be submitted for validation. It takes approximately from 1 to 6 hours to be checked. You will receive an email as soon as it finishes.


These are the ready steps for you start. Personally, for me the most difficult thing was to define where and how to start. So, everything has been provided to you and now it is high time to get started!

Result: thousands of dollars

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