Case study how to earn $ 10,000 on a sweepstakes once placed on POP?

Roman Smith • 22 September 2020

So, guys, now we're going to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And what we will tell you will be interesting to people left stranded, and working hard "for the uncle" and thinking that in this way they are paving the way to their bright financial future. So, we will disappoint you: it is enough to find just one source of traffic. And you don't need to work hard for this. A single site will be enough!


And this real Klondike of placement can undoubtedly be found in your favorite gateways for receiving traffic. After all, in the end, just the companies that give traffic flows have the right to live in a business environment.


Probably, you are unlikely to ever come to the realization of these things, because you do not allow your business to rise in the eyes of others, or you want very little from life to get at least some effect from any significant placement. But there is also a possible scenario in which one of your competitors has already realized what to benefit from and is already actively working on creating special campaigns to work at a higher rate. And it is in this moment that the main reason for the lack of results of your active activity in a particular enterprise may lie.




(Screenshot Of The Tracker Campaign



One of the strategies I tested, so to speak, in real combat conditions, used by me for many years was the activity aimed at determining the strict limits of financial costs and increased CPM rates relative to the RON campaign. This move made it possible to instantly get rid of the obvious unprofitable areas for placements and instantly find promising and "delicious" places for placements. And if the bid is quite high, you are guaranteed an active influx of high-quality traffic to one site (which means that your ads will lead in impressions, being displayed first in sessions for all visitors), and if you add a meager daily budget (from $ 25 to $ 50). daily) you will not experience overspending at the beginning of your campaign while you are testing.


And these very high bids will be directly dependent on your sources of traffic attraction, as well as on your willingness to take risks. By the way, most of the traffic sources promoted by me personally have a set rate of about $ 4-10 CPM!




(Breakdown Of SelfAdvertiser Campaign Placements)


The campaign I took as an example for this publication took about six months and generated a profit of about $ 10,000. And all this thanks to one platform for placement!




By analogy with the scheme described above, the "RON" campaign was initially launched on the SelfAdvertiser resource with a fairly high bid level of $ 4 CPM). And somewhere in seven days or less, I limited my efforts to a dozen sites where it was possible to accommodate. Their potential was not sky-high for this particular funnel. At the same time, it is desirable to make sure that obviously inefficient placements are eliminated daily and immediately after they reach a certain critical statistically reasonable threshold. After that, the rate of the campaign was by me reduced to the level of 2.4 dollars. CPM after that, this type of placement was managed for about a month. Well, when more statistics were received, I disabled placements with a minimum ROI value. And with one placement, further work was continued, which is still being carried out to this day!


I used the following exact campaign settings:








Both the offer and the landing page have not been changed in any way during the entire development of this campaign. This offer was a French CC-Submit sweepstakes with a funnel similar to the one given as an example in this publication.




Obviously, the image showing traffic sources provides slightly different statistics regarding conversions and profitability. This point is easily explained: the fact is that at the initial stages of development of this traffic source, the reverse transmission pixel was not configured.


Other Traffic Sources


It should be understood that the method we described was used on the same site that gives traffic. This is quite a standard situation that is typical for almost all types of" providers " of traffic. In this way, advertisers can place their ads on the sites that they are most interested in. It doesn't matter if it's a native, a pop, or a push.




I've never been friends with POPCASH, which works with vertical sweepstakes. However, in the case of this campaign, I managed not only to deploy it, but also to make it at least somewhat profitable. And all this thanks to one placement!




(Screenshot Of The PopCash Campaign)


My strategy started working with the " RON " campaign in Italy. And first of all, I collected conversion placements with good parameters of return on investment and an impressive target page "click through rate". As a result, the placements were packaged in a personal campaign exclusively white list, and as you can see, in the end, only one of all the placements was successful and received the lion's share of the profit.




That's the story, dear friends! Do not forget that you are only one step away from earning a completely comfortable existence! And, believe my experience, this is still quite real despite the fact that it is already 2020!




Result: Case how to earn $ 10,000 on a sweepstakes once placed on POP

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