The gold standard of jewellers: the social network

Roman Smith • 16 March 2020



The gold standard for jewelers: the social network

This year's Valentine's Day is still in the past, but there is still a "spare day" of February-the 29th, which many people love so much, and which many people liked thanks to the good old tradition - offers of a leap year.

In addition to the content, one of the important points is also the relevance, so we have profiled the work on social networks of three masters of jewelry, covering the high Street in luxury, in order to assess which of them can boast a truly Golden content.

Let's take a look at the insight until February 2020

The Organization Of The Followers Of The Publication Of The Average Engagement.messages per day Average. engagement at every post Avg engagements per day

Pandora 8m 42 656.2 K 11 4434 46,873

Tiffany & Co 23.2 m 90 614.8 K 8 5641 43.917

F. hinds 24.8 K 24 569 2 24 41

All of the above data was collected from February 6-February 2020. They were current at the time of writing this publication and may not take into account the impact of paid advertising on TV, or on the global network, or information collected since then.


Pandora is one of the leading representatives of the world's jewelry production, and only in Britain they managed to get a mass representation in social networks.

Pandora's Hero product is a world-famous charm bracelet from a series of collectible amulets that provides regular sales to customers, and therefore gives a higher profit than competitors from the companies F. hinds and Tiffany & Co.

Similarly, constantly appearing limited series of exclusive products, or complementing existing lines, indicate that the seller often resorts to using the effect of novelty, as a trump card to help get customers, and using them profitably. This feature is often used by owners of collections.

Pandora posts are published on average about 11 times a day, and the average read-through rate is the highest of all brand profiles.


Possible * see what the report works for Pandora

Tiffany and Co.

A brand that shoppers will instantly recognize thanks to its unique blue packaging, Tiffany and Co. they have become the trend jewelry of premium class. Facebook Instagram Facebook Facebook instagram grid and Facebook pages quickly view their grid Instagram grid and Facebook pages indicates that the difference from their visual branding in this company is minimal.

The basis for branding in social networks is specialists from Tiffany and Co. the symbolism of Tiffany's engagement rings and are widely used by special brand hashtags in their community. Examples include hashtags such as #tiffanylove and #tiffanyengagement.

As a brand associated with romantic relationships, they have easily proved that they have become pros of social engagement.

And while Valentine's is certainly a busy period, the business also actively promotes content with its famous clients, featuring those of them who wore jewelry and diamonds while walking the red carpet of the premium season.


The Maybe * What's being Said Report-details the most common words and phrases used by Tiffany & Co. in their social media content 


The Maybe * See What Works report for Tiffany and Co showing which content they posted was most engaged with.

F. Hinds

Hinds is a developed chain in the middle of the main street with links to all watches and jewelry products. Perhaps this company is far from its premium competitors, and they may not have the same customer base as other high Street jewelry companies, such as, say, H. Samuel, but their products are also good.

Yes, they don't offer branded items like Pandora, or products as expensive and desirable as Tiffany, but their social content is focused on products. They constantly demonstrate stones, jewelry, watches and materials, as for a business niche that covers a couple of brands, they get profit from constant labeling and cooperation with a number of brands they sell.

Hinds showed that they were ready for Valentine's day, not only making appropriate content, but also developing the growing trend of Galentin's day (when single ladies celebrate the day of their friendship by exchanging all sorts of shiny things!).

F. Hinds States that its clients can be very sensitive to pricing policy. Therefore, they achieve maximum engagement through constant competitions and offers.


The Maybe* What's being Said Report detailing the most common words and phrases used by F. Hinds in its social media content 

The key with you

Jewelry products are a stylish and emotional gift. Because the visual platform is a key factor in the recognition and transmission of its Shine. Your customer with their passion and purchasing power should be thoroughly studied by you and become the key to presenting yourself on social platforms. Creating a sense of community works great in this regard. In addition, it positively affects the strengths and consistency of your brand in terms of managing your affirmation and social media engagement levels.

Result: More purchase

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