The way to successfully get products going

Resetov Julia • 20 September 2020


It is recommended to choose the date of the launch ine week after you got to the point where there is no more improvement you can make and you are 100% sure that your product is top notch. If you think otherwise you should think more about it and don't launch because there should be a balance that you have to oversee, that way you will not be releasing an incomplete product. 


A list of things that need to be verified before launch

    ■Check your product from the beginning to end 

    ■Look over your code and test it days before 

    ■Make sure all the features work properly 

    ■Ask your friends to test your product

    ■Monitor user logs for the first few days 


Look for online groups and join them


Find thematic groups on Facebook, Twitter etc and socialize there every day or at least every other day. 

Try to make as many friends as possible in this groups. It will help you to secure a place in the community. The people there ideally should be enthusiasts about what you do or should be able to help you make some progress. 


Try to get feedback early 


Even if you launch later than people would like, that is not really a problem as long as your product is finished. Nothing good comes out if you rush things. There should also be a certain standard that you have to reach. Having some customers from the get to go is also a plus. 


Set your goals 


Set goals and go for them. Never give up even if some people don't believe in your success. 


Work on your launch material


 You should spend most of your time working on your project launch. 


Then go on Facebook groaps and engage with people who can help and support you in your mission

Result: Final foughts It will be an amazing experience for you. When you will see your company on the map you will understand that in the end all the hard work paid off

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