$7020 profit with Casimba Casino offer

AT_084 • 17 July 2022

Offer: Casimba Casino

Source: Facebook

Investment: $3560

Profit: 7020$

Applying time: beginning of february, 2022 — middle of march, 2022

Partner programme: Profitov.Partners

Geo: Brazil

ROI: 97,19%

Earnings : $3460


This article describing a translated case of Profitov.Partners (global gambling partnering network) anonymous partner, who created a promotional video for local internet casino with minimal investment and succesfully brought a huge audience to register in their app. The case happened a few months ago and resembles a perfect example of success in content marketing. As the original author said:

Hello! In the beginning of the year FB's auction is usually getting more space, so the lead's price visibly lowering. Due to these circumstances, I've chose the GEO that always seemed too expensive for me. In the DMs, manager suggested to try a Brazil-targeted Casimba Casino's offer. BR wasn't doing so well recently, so I've risked, and suddenly, everything came out just fine.

Creatives and text

I've decided to look for creatives in the AdHeart, just to see actual trends in advertisement in Brazil. I've chose the most interesting options and sended them to my manager. My idea was just to take already working ones, create something in my own style based on them and enter the marketing stage. Profitov.Partners made a free creo by my request, this helped me a lot. 

We took a text from a lending:


Até R$500 no seu primeiro depósito + 25 Giros Grátis

Which translated as


Up to 500$ pounds on the first deposit + 25 freespins

For the creatives, I've used emotions and computer graphics.

For example, this https://traffnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/46-render-03.mp4 was the promotional video  (this is the screencaps taken from the original video by author of this case):

Emotions used in the promotional videoBonus promoting


Applying scheme and targeting settings

You must be really lucky to buy a good app, more accurately you have to choose wisely and spend a long time searching them, because it's too hard to find a solid developer with no bugs and lags. I've never had such problem while working with Profitov.Partners, cause they giving me apps made by their own for free.  

I've been using autoreg pharming for 3 days and did almost everything by auto-applying. Created at least 2 BMs on each of accounts with advertising cabinet, after adding credit card information, passed a Risk. After getting started, I've sended an invite link on a PTAB pharm for increasing advertising cabinet trust level. Also I've been watching statistics and controlled process from there.

Before the 8th of march I've used Qiwi paying system, since it's closed right away I've had to start using another method, Capitalist. According to the rules, the geo must match everywhere on the FB, I also needed to use Brazilian mobile web-proxy. 

The targeting settings looked like this:

  • The audience: MF 24-55;
  • OS: Android 7.1
  • Autoplacements.

 Now the conclusions.



In summary, I've got 405 registrations and 156 deposits. 

The hosts in the traffic equaled 3485, the hits were 3971. Summar conversions used to be 561, 405 of them allowed, 156 were still in the proccess, and the holded and dosallowed equaled 0. 

(Here's the statistics from the original owner)

Traffic and conversions statistic

 Near to $3460 was earned, so the whole profit is equaling to $7020.

(Another statistic from the original owner)

Finances statistic


As a results:

  • Creo lived up to all the expectations (thanks again to Profitov.Partners);
  • Applying scheme allows you to get huge profits and tons of views;
  • Profit is 2x bigger than the investment;
  • Don't be scared to experiment. I've risked it all and worked for the Brazil, even tho I've never succeeded there before.

Result: ROI: 97.19%

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