Five reasons why Anton Fenske's LinkedIn post got picked up. A lot if views in less of 48h

Resetov Julia • 22 September 2020



It is a story about over 16k views in 48h with only 700 connections.

Anton Fenske posted in Thursday morning his career update on LinkedIn. He left his full-time wirk abd started to work in his SaaS. 

 His most important goal was to make people in his region find out about his product and how it can be used.

There were five techniques that helped him to bump up the views.


The topic

It is an interesting topic because in Sweden it's less common to see people changing there job. But it's more lately to see someone to start a company. The Pandemic period became an impetus for many Swedish people. 


Publishing time


LinkedIn is pretty popular in Nordic communities. They use it in the morning before strating their work day. 

Anton Fenske uploaded his article in 8 AM.

In a very short time he got a lot of coments and reactions. So his assumptions was correct.


Initial boost

When you post something on LinkedIn, in some minutes LinkedIn invites people from the network to see the post. So firstly you should get there.

Anton Fenske asked his friends to comment and share his post. He also asked some of falks with bigger network to coment on his post. It was very importent people to see that this falks are supporting him.


Reply to everyone

LinkedIn make a veny beneficial thing. It count every coment from your pots, even your own. 

In this case it was enough to answer with "thank you" to every comment to double up their number. 

Probably it have boosted his post's credibility.



Anton Fenske decided that he could do more for his network career. 

He reached out his previous client and wrote them a letter with "thank you" massage. But he did not include the link of the post in his message because he did not want to push up this people to appreciate his work. But most of them finded the post and liked it. Some even let comments. 





Result: Outcomes I hope Anton Fenske's story will help you to promote your work too. Follow this five rules and yiu will get your success

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