CASE: $5881 on adult dating on Snapchat

Sadie Flatcher • 29 April 2022

? Offer: AmourFactory by Vortex Ads
? Source: Snapchat
? Expenses: $3954
? Income: $9835
? Affiliate: Vortex Ads
? Geo: USA
✅ ROI: 150%
? Profit: $5881


Hello, novice arbitrageurs and sharks of the CPA market. In this case, we will talk about how you can make money on already squeezed out approaches, changing only the traffic source. Now the majority is oriented towards large and quite competitive sources, such as Facebook or Google, while forgetting about less popular, but often even more profitable sources. Today we will talk about one of these sources - Snapchat. This social network has a fairly large audience in the West, and its advertising account is not very different from Facebook. However, many miss the opportunity to work with it, thereby missing the potential profit.

The main difference between Snapchat and Facebook is more loyal moderation of your advertising materials. Snapchat is not as big as Facebook or Google, so their ability to moderate and detect cloaking tools is still much weaker, and we can use it. Plus, the key difference for us is the fact that any Snapchat ad account is allowed to advertise Mainstream dating, which in itself makes it easier to work with creatives and gives a good start to hiding more profitable gray offers.


What offer did you get


 In this case, we will consider the offer - "AmourFactory", an exclusive from Vortex Ads, which demonstrates the top conversion rates. Initially, we poured it at the initial rate, but due to high-quality traffic, we were bumped over time.



The Snapchat advertising account is quite simple and understandable, not much different from Facebook, and in our opinion it is generally more convenient and practical to use. In addition, there are not as many consumables in terms of proxies or accounts as with the same FB. For all the time, we used 5 advertising accounts and 5 mobile proxies. We farmed accounts on our own, but it’s hard to even call it farming - we created an account, registered an advertising account on it, spent $5-10 on some white goods and that’s it, the account is ready! The whole procedure of such a farm took us about 1-2 days, after that we could start working.

Lily we, of course, through our own webview applications with CPI optimization (cost per install). The difference between Snapchat and many other sources is that although it optimizes your ads by CPI, you still pay by the fact of a click. It's just that Snapchat selects the audience that is more likely to download your app. This is different from the same In-App networks, in which money is withdrawn from you only after the user installs the application.

We cast for a wide audience, men from 25 to 50. Sometimes we added the “Single Martial Status” parameter (Single men).



What creatives did you use?


Initially, we used both videos and images, then left only videos, as they showed us a higher CTR%. In general, everything is pretty standard - both here and there beautiful girls are depicted, who supposedly are not far from you. All you have to do is “swipe up” and you will get a whole list of them. 

Here are some examples of  pictures :

Over the entire period, we received more than 10,000 installs and about 2,000 conversions   


  • Average CTR% = 0.95%
  • Average CR% (Swipe to install) = 11%
  • Average CR% (Install to conversion) = 25-30%


Conclusions. Do not get hung up on the same traffic sources - learn new things, generate ideas. As practice shows, money in affiliate marketing can be found in the most unexpected places. Good luck gentlemen, keep it up!

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