Ringboost: how to improve online public relations when G Alerts doesn't work

grald • 21 February 2020

If you don't know anything about Ringboost, let's start from a short introduction. Ringboost is a web service for business and companies that provides catching calling calls and recognizable phone numbers.

So, why do I have a case about the typical market platform? At first as a great part of their communication policy, Ringboost used Google Alerts. Obviously, it lacked. GA didn't collect all related mentions, and statistical data got worse every time Ringboost used it. However, having had Awario trial program launched, this phone number company immediately found new real clients.

Social listening tools: what for?

For many years Ringboost have been keeping leader positions in the USA. Their vanity numbers were clear, brief and the cheapest. Unfortunately, big phone providers also started to offer these products. Even more: as far as telephone system suppliers had enormous budgets, all Ringboost could do is either evolutioning or degrading. The choice fell on development. On the progress of understanding consumers' needs as well.

Achieving new horizons

Thus, in the pursuit of harmonical relationship with real consumers, Ringboost followed three directions. Running Awario's soft, each of the ways became so simple!

  1. Social networks involvement. In order to get a close touch the service had its own accounts in most networks. However, one of the greatest aspects of Awario was self activated looking for materials about Ringboost the company could comment. Moreover, it gained new posts with mentions and sent them to inbox of the marketing department altogether.

  2. Keyword addition. Awario helped to combine smm and seo: it suggested to include exact keywords for articles. That made communication much more optimized for better ranking.

  3. Boolean search. Awario's exceptional search method oriented on lead generation.


After a year of the constant social listening inclusion to a whole pr program, Awario became the extremely helpful tool. Its importance lies in:

  • Amazing communication with customers. This point is realised with an absolutely immediate process of picking up Ringboost mentions in the Internet. Of course, the company doesn't need to comment all posts and reviews, but managers should always control a major service image. In addition, Awario sends analyzed info directly to email - this advantage is crucial for "no delay" situations and saves a great amount of work hours. 

  • Data access at the same time to many professionals. If one worker is so busy that doesn't have time to  pay attention to new notifications, another one can easily open Awario.

  • Posting promotional content in partners' blogs, forums. Awario helps to find new traffic canals, especially the most popular influencers in clients niches.

  • Keeping an eye on competitors' ideas. Even though as a calling market place Ringboost is the best, they started to monitor offers of  telephone providers. If you know what your competitors' next steps are, you must do everything to make them after you.

  • Reaching new social networks. Awario works with an almost endless number of social networks you have never heard of. For instance, the dialing service was registered everywhere (FB, insta, linkedin) but on Reddit - no one marketer knew about it. Today Ringboost has accounts truly everywhere.


Awario inside

The final word

Certainly, Ringboost didn't become a transnational superbrand, nevertheless, Awario opened new opportunities for interaction with consumers. That's is really inspiring.

Result: Awario social listening tool really helps to find new clients.

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