Case for working with social media. Authored by Rachel Hollis

Roman Smith • 14 February 2020

Case for working with social media. Authored by Rachel Hollis


I have met many talented authors of works, but Rachel Hollis holds a special place among them.


I have seen the work of many writers, but Rachel Hollis has a special place among them. And all thanks to the platform she developed, which she created as a writer, businesswoman, and just an active user of social networks. And the other day I had the idea that it would be good to study the invaluable experience collected by Rachel in the process of using social networks. Thus, I want to prove the naturalness of what she does, relying solely on her success. I also want to help you get familiar with the best ways to use social networks on your own.


Now, who is Mrs. Hollis? Let's start with the fact that she is the author of the popular book "Girl, wash your face, don't believe the lies about who you are, and let yourself become what you should be." This work received a rating on Amazon of 14 thousand points.


To tell the truth, I don't know much about this writer yet, but I was deeply impressed by the first lines of her autobiography: "Rachel Hollis is the # 1 New York Times bestseller Girl , Wash Your Face, TV star, best motivational speaker, podcast host, MTR of Hollis and mother of four children."


The story of its success is simply amazing


In my research on social networks, I would like to focus on her Instagram account, for a period of seven days: from January 23 to January 29. During this period, Ms. Hollis and her assistants shared:

13 regular posts in her feed;

47 photos and videos in Storis;

5 IGTV videos.

Now, I'd like to take a look at each of the posts:


Rachel Hollis posts on Instagram:


This was the look of her posts published during the week:




The first thing that catches your eye is the mass of videos and photos of Mrs. Hollis. She is the Central figure of her project, and she is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her followers.


I have talked to many writers who are not indifferent to the question of selfies. Their problem is in the team. Although sometimes they are concerned about m and excessive selfishness of the photo. They are amused by this idea. It seems as if taking a selfie is the lowest form of self-esteem, the peak of vanity and self-promotion. Sometimes, they find an excuse like: "they say that a social network account should be 90% dedicated to people, and only 10% to themselves. Because I'm not interested in selfies, I won't take them."


Maybe they're all wrong.


In truth, there is no "one right way". When I look at what Rachel professes, I realize that she has discovered a method that is effective for herself.


Conventionally, all of its videos and photos can be divided into these types of content:


posing in a frame from the event, with other people;

video reports from events;

video from two angles, using captions and background images;

video up to five minutes of communication between Rachel and her husband with the audience;

the similarity impromptu selfie;

increase for the scheduler it sells;

a personal selfie with a mirror accompanied by a message consisting of 311 words, it is radically honest and personal;

two photos of quotes that also contain long text messages;

a couple of videos lasting 2-3 minutes from a personal podcast;

photo of Rachel and her husband, as an announcement of a new event;

thematic video with a duration of 1 minute;

photo of her baby.

Attracts attention and the presence of many caring like-minded people who agree with the message of diverse messages. Photos and videos. The long and short of things. Extremely deep and at the same time fast things. Things that are too manufactured and things that we feel right now. Rachel asks and talks about her thoughts. And the subject matter is quite diverse.


However, the content looks one hundred percent monolithic, because Rachel herself is at the center of it. With your voice. With your message. With your business and brand. With your presence.


Does Rachel use hashtags? This is probably the most burning question for many authors, which they ask me all the time. It has already become a kind of magic ball, and can go viral?




 Then maybe she adopted mega short videos. After all, research suggests that users have a predominant short-term attention span, and videos that last 7-10 seconds are 80% more effective on Instagram?


No. (And besides, these indicators were invented by me a minute ago.)


It's just that Rachel manages to find her own unique and effective methods that allow her to present herself without embellishment, accompanying these presentations with useful and clear messages. In this case, any format can be used that allows you to open up as much as possible. And if this is the case of species with a duration of five minutes will be better for its followers than a short video, Rachel will choose the first option.


However... in her Arsenal there are also a lot of short videos for Storis Instagram. Let's look further...


So, Storis Instagram:

I offer you a list of stories. Rachel shared them last week:




Stories By Rachel Hollis


And now I want to share some of my observations made from what I saw in Rachel Hollis ' Instagram account.


From the entire array of content, I want to highlight 17 photos and 30 videos. As already noted, this is a diverse content. Part of it helps a lot to develop her business, part of it is honesty at the moment, and then everything in between.


In addition, Rachel is excellent at promoting through other accounts. It actively exchanges posts with other accounts, with which it maintains some communication. This is, for example, the account of her company @theholliscompany, the account of her brand, the account of her other brand @thestarttoday, and the account of her husband @mrdavehollis (who is also a company Executive with Rachel.)

It does not use the backlight function. For me, this is another " best practice” that she just ignores.

It works on different platforms. Rachel makes links to a lot of other media and sub-brands, such as her podcasts, her Internet resource (which is Autonomous from,, and helps to promote them in parallel. She once spoke about a "canadian Facebook group" that she is launching. I looked at Facebook and found 13 groups belonging to Hollis that are under its management. Which one is canadian? It consists of about 8 thousand participants. And I also found her message from TikTok, cross-posted in her instagram Story. A little later, photos from Storis appeared in her Instagram feed. Part of their speeches, Rachel issued in the form of messages. And photos of events that occurred some time ago are published again.


But her stories are really fascinating. In some cases, she shares videos of herself going for a workout or a jog. There are videos in which Rachel stands near her house in the morning twilight. She explains that it's 6:30 in the morning, and her training session has just ended.




And here she is going to practice:




Here Rachel had just finished registering after training:




And here Rachel shares with her followers her feelings, how cold it is outside, and how she is going to go to training:




Everything is structured by day of the week. Why is this type of information submission selected? Because obviously, the writer says, " I don't want to show how I train, because I don't want to show off."Or" I would like to show a photo from the training session, but I start training at dusk, so I will not even be visible in the photo. Therefore, I will give up this idea." Or "I will post videos of training sessions, but rarely, so as not to tire their subscribers." Or even "I work hard to show myself in a certain role, I do not want subscribers to see me in the sweat, in the dark and in a tracksuit."


What Rachel shares, she chooses. Everyone has the right to do this. I really think I found these videos because they are real.


How did Rachel get here


Whenever I conduct research on successful Internet bloggers, I like to refresh my memory of their first posts on social networks. Why? Yes, because they all have the same path: they all started it like you and I, not being popular, and it took them more than one year to create a personal "formula for success".


Rachel wrote her first Instagram post on August 25, 2012. Her first messages looked like the usual messages of many ordinary users, ordinary photos that collected 10-30 likes each:




So I was interested in analyzing the growth of her popularity in Instagram. How did she manage to succeed? How long had she been going for this? I looked at her 4,000 posts and the number of likes they collected. I show the numbers above so that you can understand what I'm talking about:




Rachel's instagram popularity growth was very slow in the first three years. Just a dozen likes under each post.


Later, in 2015, there was a sharp rise, her posts began to receive 100 likes.


And in 2016, their number grew to the level of 200-400 likes under each post.


2017 began for Rachel with numbers of 1000-1500 likes under posts with her photos, and some of them have gained fame viral. And in 2018, a miracle happened, and her popularity on Instagram became sky-high, collecting 5,000 likes under each post. And later, 10 000. Now there are also posts with 30,000 or even 80,000 likes. What happened? It's just that Rachel published her book, wash your face Girl.


And now the growth of her popularity in Instagram has been promoted by a number of other things that she has been doing for years. However, the huge increase in popularity in 2018 coincided with the publication of her book. This demonstrates the power of a work that influences unity and communication with readers.


And now, each of her followers might think, " Hey, she might not have been posting on instagram for these 6 years, and just show up on The day of her book's release."


However, this way you will not be able to achieve success. After all, it was achieved through active work with fans, and this was the key to the success of the book. And then, Rachel was already prepared for the arrival of popularity.


After all, she had worked hard for years before. And Instagram is just a method of photographing all the work done.


Now, by the way, many writers are waiting for a reader to come to them. And you need to start talking about yourself. And Rachel is a Prime example of how to work in social networks with all your heart. I only heard a small part of her interview in which she talked about her path to popularity:


"I created only one female image. For many years, I answered all the comments and personal messages, because I thought: "If you have time to write to me, I will have time to give you an answer."


I have spoken with many authors who do not like such slow development. They note: "I tried to get promoted on Instagram for quite a long time, a year or two. But my posts only got 20 likes, and that upset me."And they refused to go any further. In the above statistics, it is noticeable that this did not stop Rachel. Moreover, we can say that at that time it was much more difficult to develop, because the number of network users at that time was much smaller.


I recently had a chance to talk to a person who remarked to me: "I remember the time when in 2012 I was thinking about registering on Instagram, but at that time time was already lost, my train left."I always meet people who say such things. However, Rachel also posted her first message online in August 2012, and went on for months and years communicating before reaching a large number of followers, likes and comments.


What else is interesting about Rachel


You can learn a lot of interesting things about it. And to tell you the truth, I feel that in exploring it I have just raised a small upper layer of its enormous achievements, and there is still so much interesting to learn. And here, for example, are a few areas worth exploring:


You need to try everything.


Rachel doesn't share the same type of posts, she tries different formats! She socialized herself from the very beginning and continues to do so to this day. In her feed of updates, you can see her family, her team, the people she meets in life, the things she lives with, and of course, everything that she created. And she tries to attract others to this, because this is not some modest hidden activity.


Don't be afraid to learn "better skills", but sometimes ignore them. Sometimes make big videos, sometimes shorter, but don't take photos with an excuse: "well, studies say that other things are better. Try it in person. Try to create what other people need. Always observe this 1:1 ratio


Show yourself as a monolithic person. You're on social media. If you share only a tiny part of your self, how will people reach out to you?


You must set the limits of what is allowed, ensuring your safety. But you can adjust them yourself. Be useful, look for important points that others will appreciate if possible.


Everything that was done by Rachel, what was the best in terms of likes, views, and sales? AND ALL OF THAT! 


You can't just hit the jackpot with the first 10%. You have to go further and develop. Don't do less than you can, just do what you are good at, and you can do it quickly by giving your best.


Finding what helps you develop takes time. It's been 8 years, 4483 posts have been written, but Rachel has found her idea working. Find one for yourself.


So do you really have to do what Rachel does? - No!!! It was her choice. She has a rich Outlook, business, and family. This is her personal choice. And you don't have To post photos to instagram Storis 47 times a week.


However, this is a reason to think about what you can share. What you want.


Whether you like some writer or artist that you subscribe to and follow his Stories on social networks. Do you want me to do a case study on it?

Write to me about it.






Result: Case for working with social media. Authored by Rachel Hollis

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