How we managed to significantly increase the profitability of a cleaning company using marketing technologies

Roman Smith • 30 September 2020

Let's just say that in this case we had to work in difficult conditions. And this happened for two reasons:

our client occupied a rather complex niche;

the organization was located in a small town.

Now let's move on to the step-by-step case:

what we did;

what was wrong;

how we managed to achieve phenomenal results.

That is, in fact, we managed to achieve the unattainable.


About the client

Our customer this time was the company "Gorod 37" working in a small town of Ivanovo in the field of cleaning services (cleaning in stores, retail chains, offices, houses and apartments.

Until the guys from "Gorod37" established cooperation with the company "Clients from the network", they were in dire need of incoming requests. In addition, the cleaning company completely lacked a website, as well as the experience of working with marketers at "Goroda37" was also not. Therefore, they often tried to advertise through Ivanovo sites and Bulletin boards like Avito. As for advertising on the Internet, the representatives of the mentioned cleaning company did not believe that online advertising can give them a stream of targeted customers.

The owner of "Goroda37" decided to venture on an experiment and in February 2019 came to the specialists of the marketing company "Clients from the network", setting them the following task: to create an online resource for the cleaning company and ensure the stable work of its specialists through online applications.

As a result, after analyzing the company's marketing strategy, we agreed to cooperate and started working.

What has been done?

During the briefing with the Management of goroda37, positive aspects in the company's activities were identified, as well as the full range of services provided by specialists of the Organization gorod37 was established. Then a website project was created containing subsections for legal entities and individuals And then under these segments were created (offers) offers, as well as lists of services provided in these segments.

A pilot analysis of the company's potential target customers was conducted. We also analyzed incoming calls from existing clients of Goroda 37 in order to order services, which helped us to understand the reasons for objections and refusals.

They were performed as analytical comparisons with competitors and their forms of service orders. This helped establish their use of "stressful" user calls to action: place an order for departure, cleaning, etc. However, analytical work on the reasons for refusals and objections of customers has shown their unwillingness to immediately order certain cleaning services. People often need advice and personal involvement, as well as information about the timing of work and prices for them.

In order not to immediately scare away a potential client audience, it was decided to create a form offering to calculate the cost of one minute of cleaning services. As a result, an interactive form was created in which each user's answer to a question brought them a 1% discount on the company's services.


In order to improve the trust background of clients to the company, we took pictures of employees of "goroda37" in corporate suits containing the company name and its logo.


It was decided to shoot middle-aged employees with a Slavic appearance. This may be at odds with modern concepts of political correctness, but this is the type of service staff that customers trust most.


6. campaigns were developed and prepared to promote the full range of services of the company "Gorod 37"by keywords. Yandex helped us a lot in selecting high-frequency and mid-range queries.Wordstat.

Well, then it's a matter of technique. Our specialists have engaged in the placement of:

contextual advertising in Yandex search results;

targeted ads in social networks such as Instagram and Vkontakte.

Moreover, such advertising campaigns were set up both for users from the city of Ivanovo and for users from other localities in the Moscow region.


Preliminary results of

The use of the game gave the expected results in increase of conversion rates Internet resource, and higher level of trust from the clients. Potential customers willingly used the price calculation form, receiving the desired discounts as a reward. As a result, at the beginning of the negotiation process, they came out prepared and were happy to conduct a dialogue with the Managers of Gorod 37.

Thus, the unobtrusive proposition "make a price calculation" combined with a passion for the game process gave incomparably better results compared to the aggressive "demand" for ordering services.

Difficulties encountered in the course of work

Despite the fact that the social platforms Instagram and Vkontakte gave from six to eight applications daily, it was difficult to work with them. And all because the customers who left them were "cold", i.e. not ready to order the price calculation, order the service, and even more so for the arrival of specialists.

As a result, these factors inflated the cost of orders from these sources by 2.5 times in comparison with the search contextual advertising campaign.

Therefore, in order not to waste the customer's money, we decided to stop using targeted advertising in social networks.

There were no results from regional localities. Here, people were interested in the services of a cleaning company, but their price was too high for these users. So it turned out that the lion's share of interested parties (which is about 95%) did not reach the stage of ordering services. Although their price was about the average level in the market. Therefore, we also had to give up advertising in the Moscow region.

Our gains

Between February 2019 and September 2020, Gorod37 received almost 3,000 orders to provide cleaning services. At the same time, one application cost them 153 rubles. And the site's conversion rate was 8.93.


And now a little bit about the financial side of the issue:

as of 2018 (before our specialists started working on the project of the website "Goroda37"), the company earned 600,000 rubles;

already in 2019, when the site started its work and the advertising campaign was launched, the level of earnings for clinicians was 1.240.000 rubles;

for the first half of 2020,the guys have already earned 20,000 more (1.260.000 rubles).

Thus, in the first year of working together with the marketing Agency "Clients from the network", the cleaning company "Gorod37" began to earn twice as much. And this year, she managed to break her earnings record in the first half of the year.

At the same time, the volume of regular customers of cleaning services, which gives the lion's share of profit, has tripled.

*Statistical data provided by the management of Gorod 37 and taken from the retail business.

As for wholesale orders, which bring the lion's share of revenue to the company's budget, there is also a significant increase in this direction (approximately 3-4 times). The customer prefers not to talk about the exact amounts.

As a result, as of today, the Companies "clients from the network" and "gorod37" are increasing their fruitful cooperation in order to set new records for the effectiveness of their joint activities.


Result: Increase in profitability indicators by 2-4 times

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