People also ask - is it worth?

grald • 18 March 2020

This case is about ultra convenient People Also Ask option, especially its awful highly ranked answers. In this analysis Barry Lourghan (one of the most appreciated seo specialists over the globe) reveals all gaps in Google paa algorithms and literally shows that being ranked for Google answers is just a pointless dream.

To begin with, one day Lourghan admitted absolute irrelevance of Google topped answers to local queries. Obviously, if we search for universal worldwide knowledge - Google is the best. But as soon as we try to find regional info - it doesn't work. At all. For example, living in the UK, Barry typed down "car insurance" collocation, and, unexpectedly, he got almost no british results.


To make the experiment further, he picked up approximately a thousand of the most searched financial oriented keywords and tested them on the people-also-ask results origin.

In order to find out the motherland of answers, he followed this method:

  1. Key categorization.

  2. Strike out the words with no geo. For instance, "loan definition".

  3. Google answers URL extraction.

  4. Defining correlation between questions and offered answers.

Guess what? The biggest part (55%) of uk paa excerpts does not belong to UK sites. 50% of them are from America, the next 5 percents are shared among India and Australia. It is an absurd that uk is provided by Indian blogs, isn't it?

  • 75% of materials for loan topics are written from the US.

  • only 56% of content about home insurance is uk based. 

As you can see, for worse, the US paa content prevails in the UK. Unfortunately, this situation leads to incorrect answers and to rapid decrease of search quality.

The brightest illustration: key "the car insurance" with the UK Geo is resulted with 32 paa's from the US site -

Total view

So, Lourghan's final analysis proved that investment in paa optimization is just wasted money. As far as Google doesn't see crucial differences between UK and the USA economic legislations, it means that Google choosen answers on other areas are much more irrelevant.


Result: Whatever you do, you will never be in PAA

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