How to earn 30% more with a ProPush tag

Martin Stark • 2 May 2022

Many partners want to earn more from the received traffic, but do not know how to do it. Increasing profits is actually easier than it seems. To do this, there are ways of additional monetization, for example, SmartTag from

What kind of tool it is and how to use it, we will tell you on the example of one of our partner's cases. The result was curious. Let's see how the arbitrageur managed to make money using SmartTag from 30% more than usual.

What is it Smart Tag?

Smart Tag integrates to the main landing page as an additional window for push subscriptions.

The tag helps to increase the number of push subscribers. This means that additional monetization of users who have subscribed to push notifications is added to earnings from the offer.

One of the obvious advantages of push subscriptions is that the window with Push notifications does not affect the conversion flora in any way. It doesn't matter if an additional audience subscribes, users will still remain on the main offer page.

Now let's see how Smart Tag works not in theory, but in practice.

The main details of the case

Our partner has a media buying company whose goal is to lead on SOI (single opt–in) models. Consider the description of the offer:

Offer: Sweepstakes Gift Card
Vertical: Swipstakes
Flow Type: SOI
Payment model (from ProPush): RevShare (CPM)
Smart Tag was installed on the prelanding with the questionnaire:


In the upper left corner you see a pop-up window. This is the display of the Smart Tag. Some users agree to send push notifications, which subsequently helps to increase profits.

It is worth emphasizing that swipe offers do not require complex settings. This should be added to the code of your page along with Sw.js file. This file is necessary in order to deliver and display push notifications. Place it in the root directory of the landing page, here:


As we have already discussed, SmartTag does not take the audience anywhere from the offer site. The user is not distracted by new tabs and stays on the landing page.

As for TrafficBack, our partner decided not to use it because Trafficback did not fit the funnel. However, do not ignore this tool, because TrafficBack is your second chance to monetize ALL traffic if the main monetization method did not work. After the user has been shown a subscription request, regardless of his choice, he will be redirected to the relevant offer.

Each webmaster can configure the triggering of this feature under certain conditions: if the user subscribes (= clicks "allow"), if the page visitor is already subscribed, etc.

Payments are made by RevShare (CPM), in comparison with CPS (one-time payment for each subscribed user), RevShare guarantees a gradual and long-term income.

We continue to analyze our case.

Learn more about traffic

So, let's see what kind of PropellerAds traffic our partner used for the Sweepstake offer:

  • Period: 05/11/2021 – 05/12/2021
  • Format: Popander
  • GEO: Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ecuador, Mexico
  • Platforms: Android – 54%, Windows - 21%, macOS – 9%
  • Budget: $700-$2000 per day

Popander has become the format for the offer, it assumes a large number of leads, so it fits well with the partner's business model.

Let's turn to statistics. In your personal PropellerAds account, you can track traffic and expenses by GEO:


Here you can already see the additional income on GEO from the ProPush Tag for the same period of time:


The average income from Smart Tag is $300-$500 per day. This additional profit sometimes allowed to cover up to 50% of the cost of traffic.

Of course, CR will depend on the type of traffic, its source and GEO. However, the conversion rate can be increased by testing which GEO gets the most impressions.

Let's look at the daily statistics in PropellerAds:


And below the statistics , which clearly shows the conversion:


What does the statistics say?

Let's get to the most interesting thing, the numbers. Let's analyze the statistics together and see how effective Smart Tag is.

The total amount of traffic for the selected GEO: 65,814,640 impressions.

Our partner conducted the first SmartTag tests on limited volumes, so only part of the traffic from PropellerAds went to the prelend with the tag.

PropellerAds traffic costs: $37,210.

Profit from ProPush Smart Tag: $11,114.

It turned out to be an excellent result. The profit from ProPush reimbursed 30% of the traffic costs.

Let's summarize

Considering a specific case, we were convinced that the Smart Tag from it works. It really effortlessly helps to increase profits by an order of magnitude without additional effort.

What is the secret of success? The fact is that this method of pre-monetization is suitable for almost any offer, it works especially effectively with swipstakes. Also, the pop-up window does not interfere with the interaction with the offer and does not interrupt the flow.

Two options are available for the payment model:

  • CPS (payment for each subscribed user) – suitable for those who need a quick result. You should pay attention to CPS if the subscription price is high.
  • Revshare (long–term payment for the entire subscription period) - this model ensures that subscribers will continue to generate income for a long time. Plus, repeat subscriptions are also paid.

Revshare is designed for stable and long-term income. For which, however, you will have to wait a little, because you will start getting really good money a little later. This is the model chosen by our partner.

Another bonus from ProPush is adaptive rates. What does it mean? If your traffic is of high quality, ProPush can offer an individual plan (for example, to increase your CPS rate).

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