How did we manage to raise the site in the TOP 10 for 70% of medical search queries in four months?

Roman Smith • 4 October 2020

Hello, dear foreign friends!


As part of this case for promotion in search results, we will tell you how the project of the clinic from Nizhny Novgorod was promoted by SEOheart specialists.


With the arrival of the month of may, I received an appeal from representatives of the Dental clinic "Dental-N". And it concerned the problem of such a plan: for three years now, the promotion of their corporate website has stopped. Position in the search engines it does not show the dynamics of growth. At the same time, the number of site visitors has not increased for a year and a half.


In addition, until this time, the customer was chronically unlucky with contractors: he constantly came across pseudo-specialists in the field of SEO promotion, who at a certain stage simply refused their responsibilities for working with the site.




The first thing to do was to stabilize the position of the client's site in the search results, as well as to get a stable increase in the volume of targeted traffic attracted to web pages. Well, as a pleasant gift to the customer - to provide the client with the opportunity to "take a breath", letting him know that we do not give up our obligations halfway and will develop his site qualitatively.


So, first of all, it was necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site. It allowed us to find a gross error that was almost the main source of problems with the site. The fact is that for some reason the key sections of the project were closed from indexing (for example, "License for the right to engage in medical activities", as well as "Legal documents").


In addition, the site audit revealed a number of other shortcomings, including:


lack of a clear promotion strategy for the region (on maps, in reference books, etc. in the case of the customer's dental clinic cards, a completely different site address appeared, which has not been available for a long time);


more than a hundred "dead" links that do not lead to the client's site pages were identified and removed;


301 redirects from old page addresses to new ones were configured with errors.


the source code of the pages contained two blocks of Yandex code at once.Metrics;


a number of texts posted on the site were full of spam;


in addition, a comprehensive analysis of the site helped to identify a bunch of other minor flaws, which together lead to a very solid loss of positions, and therefore traffic.


Solve problems


First of all, a complete semantic core was compiled and submitted for approval to the customer (by the way, unlike most web studios, we do not set limits on the number of search queries).


In addition, we corrected all errors made by our predecessors in the technical part, as well as performed clustering of all selected search queries.


And then there was a detailed planning of the actions that needed to be performed on the site for each category (including the development of new pages, if there are no relevant ones on the site).




An example of how much Troubleshooting has increased the site's traffic level (if previously it was 100 visitors per week, now it is 295).


Well, then, for three months, the work was carried out in the direction of performing the usual SEO optimization, work was carried out in the direction of:


rewriting texts already posted on the site;

adding new pages to the site structure;

optimization of meta-data;

work on the development of the reference profile.


This front of work turned out to be a bit routine (the promotion CEO gurus know what I'm talking about). However, its results pleased both us and the customer:






As a result, we managed to raise the percentage of non-brand conversions to 77.8% of the total mass.


Comparative indicators of the site's positions at the start of cooperation and as of today (September 2020)


And excellent achievements in the most valuable characteristic - the conversion rate.




Task: getting traffic to the page with prices




Task: motivate visitors to make an appointment


At first glance, it may seem that the growth of indicators was affected by the lifting of quarantine bans imposed due to the Covid19 pandemic, but a year and a half ago, these restrictive measures were not even discussed:




Search traffic growth from April 2018 to September 2020


Future plans


Of course, there is still a lot of work to do. In the future, we only expect to improve the indicators, as well as the development of our site, as well as its adaptive version (of course, these results were obtained after four months of hard work, and, by the way, without using the adaptive version of the site).

Result: raising the site in the TOP 10 for 70% of medical search queries in four months

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