Case study. How we ranked a single page for 2.6 K keywords leading to 30K monthly searches

Roman Smith • 3 June 2020

How we ranked a single page for 2.6 K keywords leading to 30K monthly searches [Case Study]


Over the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to publicize a huge long-term perspective of a dual approach to content marketing in SEO promotion.


Using campaigns focused on information multiplied by personal work with well-known authors, we managed to get a good profit on a regular basis for our customers.


And sometimes we make content that doesn't shoot the way we wanted it to. And this project turns everything upside down.


And now I want to show you one example, the combined work of all this, its effectiveness, and what experience it gives us.


Despite the fact that now everyone is investing in the constant generation of content, and in its subsequent promotion, non-standard cases, similar to our own, show how this type of activity affects in the long term.


Content marketing + digital PR case study: ADT


ADT is a domain with an excellent reputation that gives a great start to any project associated with it.


We were well aware that the content we generated would probably be preferred in terms of its potential for ranking, especially if this information was saturated with high-frequency keywords.


Creating content


After consulting with the guys from ADT, it was decided that we will move towards a common goal - to create content that can get a lot of links from leading authors, with an emphasis on getting links from local Internet news resources.


The client suggested creating a tool that generates a crime map Moreover, this will not contradict what is usually searched for in part of the content. But for the purposes of this article, we will show how it became an ideal.


Imagine that we start from nothing. We can start with a normal Google search. This will reveal the localization of the selected topic.




This search itself will help us understand what crime maps need, and help us understand why certain users are searching for a crime map:


in order to determine the level of crime in their areas;

for the purpose of investigating crimes where they plan to visit;

for the purpose of investigating crimes in the areas they plan to move to.


It is likely that people want to know not only about the situation in their area of residence, so it was decided to create a fully inclusive interactive solution that helps create crime maps. It should allow people to find and get crime statistics for each district, with detailed details of the information.




This project promised to be successful for a number of other reasons, including:


prospects for practical application of its results. It doesn't have to be one hundred percent practical. The level of its application is influenced by its industry and its entertainment value. If the practical component is zero, then the project should at least convey ideas from the experience of humanity and inform users about their meaning on earth. We have implemented this component in the project of the crime map and created a functional that allows you to compare the crime levels of one or more regions with the average data for the country. But the present practical point (or good advice) provides your content with built-in value. It shows that you care about the users who visit your resource. And you understand that you can effectively manage information.

it is based on statistical information, which means it has accuracy and authority. Now users are not interested in unfounded fables. This makes your information product reliable and tells users that your data is the product of research, making your information on a specific issue authoritative. At the end of the publication, we will discuss this issue in more detail.

the information can be adapted to a host of local features. If you want to get the maximum number of bold links and promote your brand, you should think about localization of your content.


You need to do this at the start of the project, during the data collection process.

Ask yourself: is your data set as complete as possible, and allows you to collect data about different parameters? For example, a geographical location. Allow users to contact and "find" themselves in your information. The more personalization, the better.


your content should encourage users to take care of their loved ones and their safety. Create content based on emotional concepts. Security and crime evoke emotions such as anxiety, fear, pride in protecting your loved ones, and so on.

And if your niche is not related to the emotional component, ask these questions in order to identify the emotions that operate in the depths of your soul.


Why are people interested in this?

What are our users most struggling with?

What do they care most about?

For example, although it is not obvious at first glance, but a personal budget is a very emotional thing. It contains a way of life of people, and is inextricably linked with a sense of guilt that a person has not saved enough, pride in the impressive amount of savings, fear of lack of money in the event of retirement, etc. It doesn't matter where you are or who you are. There are emotions at work here, contacts with which through empathy will increase the attractiveness and usefulness of your content at times.


Well. Security firm ADT has found its ideal in creating a brand offering a resource that helps users get information about the crime rate in any corner of the country. And if you have created such a tandem of ideas and brand, the authors and users understand the meaning of its creation and trust it.


Try to constantly take these reasons into account when promoting content and creating its concept.


 Digital promotion


Taking into account the regional / local aspect of interactive cooperation, our vision for information dissemination was to offer regional authors and news publishers exclusive materials on coverage of events.


We have worked hard to set up pitches for publishers in each state to ensure their coverage. Here is an example of our successful letter to them:


Hello [site name] team,


After natural disasters such as hurricane Florence, the fear of looting and other forms of crime often increases. The recently released adt crime map wants residents to be aware of crime hotspots in their neighborhoods and use precautions to avoid becoming victims of crime, especially during the hurricane season.


The interactive map allows users to view specific crime data and compare it with the national average to determine how many crimes occur in their area. For example, the overall crime rate in Florida is 1.21 times higher than the national average. However, the murder rate is relatively low compared to the rest of the country (0.03 x less).


To explore Your city using the ADT Crime Map, please visit


Are you interested in covering this issue so that your readers can stay as safe as possible under any circumstances? If so, feel free to use this press release or graphics from the map. We just ask you to attribute ADT by linking it to a crime map somewhere in your coverage.




[your name]


All the steps were personalized by correcting the first two paragraphs in order to introduce locally relevant details for each area.


Such propaganda and information tactics were highly likely to be successful, given that:


it was interesting to local news agencies;

these agencies are excellent syndicators;

we have created an exclusive new resource that is useful for many users;

the possibility of publishing exclusive materials on the site attracts authors.

Our site was provided with exclusive materials, for example,, a Tampa Bay, Florida ABC affiliate.


The publisher was satisfied with our story, which gave her the opportunity to get into the evening news. And due to the fact that it was a major local news outlet, our news was seen by 25 thousand users at once.


We took up further pitching of the story, working until the winner on our list of pitches, supporting syndication of an exclusive picked up by the company


And at the end of the month, we reported on the syndication and outreach. As a result, this story was told by dozens of local news publishers, which gave us 127 unique links from Ahrefs domains.


Search changes


The graph of received backlinks shows a natural increase-the result of an excellent combination in different areas.




At the same time, the page was ranked almost immediately. Perhaps this is the result of the excellent existing authority of the ADT site domain, its demand and relevance due to the domain and the mass use of unique new links to the crime maps page.




The domain does not have a high authority?


If there is a reputable brand, then it is much easier to implement the strategy. However, it also works for beginners trying to compete with the grandees.


This means that it is very important to focus content on data. Previously, we believed that content should be based on data, and that this is the best way to build credibility. And, our recent research with BuzzStream on the authority of content confirms this.




If there is an authoritative method, and even more than one, it will significantly increase the level of user confidence in your content, and therefore in General, in your brand. And when you attract attention in the niches with the highest level of competition, any signs of power is important.


Regarding advertising, let all the tips I have outlined in this publication bring you dividends. Try to give a couple of suggestions describing your brand during the pitching process. Better yet, get a Pro on this topic, who studies it, and knows the answers to any questions that writers have about the content.


But in General, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign depends on the quality of the content you offer, especially if users do not know you at all.




Is this strategy simple? Not at all. It is easier to buy links, or quickly fill a blog.


However, if you are interested in sustainable, long - term, non-sanctioned content in order to increase the link mass and increase the level of authority-go this way.


It is obvious that in this case, the symbiosis of the existing domain authority and a huge infusion of new authoritative thematic and relevant related publications will help with generating a mass of new ranking keywords almost instantly.


If you do not have this kind of domain rights, do not worry! This strategy may still be useful to you, though after a while.


These are attachments. Even if it's long-term. However, they will pay off handsomely over time.


Result: Ranked a single page for 2.6 K keywords leading to 30K monthly searches

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