Nearly 4 million views for a successful start to sales

MaikLOL • 20 February 2020

When I was still studying at the university, my friend Kevin has helped me with my work. Together we created a small business that allowed anyone to create their own tweets and print them on canvas.


However, in 2017, we experienced not the best of times for our business and sales fell sharply. We had no more than 300 pounds in the budget, and at the same time, we needed to organize the production of our product. New Year's holidays were approaching and suddenly I had some interesting ideas.

Brilliant thoughts

I told Kevin my thoughts and he transformed them into a brilliant idea that could save us. He showed me a YouTube channel where a blogger was opening fan mail on a camera.



All we had to do was send our product to this blogger. He would be able to tell the users about its advantages and the profit would come again. It sounded very strange and there was little chance of success, but we decided to take a chance.


It turns out that such an advertisement is not only an activity for bloggers. There is a real YouTube phenomenon called Mail Time and it is very popular. Therefore, my idea with Kevin could bring a lot of profit. As a result, we found ten bloggers who made videos in the style of Mail Time. We created a dozen funny tweets, printed them like A1 canvases and sent them to these bloggers.


Only a few weeks passed and the first blogger by the name of Met Myers created a broadcast with our product. We got a full five minutes of airtime and a detailed review of our brand is absolutely free. Met was very surprised by our gift and in gratitude attached a link to our official website. As a result, the video clip gained more than 3 million views.



Then another week passed and another blogger opened our gift and shot about this video. As a result, the new video scored 400 thousand views.


In total, we spent 200 pounds on this advertising company and received almost 4 million new potential buyers. 20 thousand of them eventually made purchases on the site - this is an amazing result.

How it works

Live chat with fans works better than thousands of beautiful commercials. We decided to go against the system and violated the marketing rules and got a super result. We bought beautiful packaging, wrote greeting cards, and sent our goods to leading bloggers.



The public loves ambitious people who are ready to conquer the world from scratch. We are such people - two ordinary students who have only a scholarship. I do not think that if we could pay for the advertising of our product on TV, we would get such a resounding success.


Tell us what tools do you use to promote your product? Have you had any experience working with bloggers?

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