Little Lapham: raises 2180$ per sale PDF to 18 years

Roman Smith • 27 October 2020

I bet each of us will find something to put up for sale. And the availability of universal access to the Internet allows you to earn here on sales to everyone.

So I used to often come across publications about how people earned fortunes on new projects. Such are the success stories of modern "Cinderellas". And in my place literally turned out to be all of you. And, for example, these publications made me feel like a worthless person, and made me want to get out of this situation as soon as possible. However, it is unlikely that I will become the Creator of another grandiose analog of Uber.

A couple of months ago, thanks to podcasts, I came across this community. It, thanks to simple manipulations, gave its owners a stable annual income of about $ 300,000. But their "trick" was that this income was obtained without attracting external investment. Consequently, they remained completely independent of anyone else.

At the same time, I realized that many people managed to build a good business on the Internet by selling knowledge. And although this is in no way connected with the same popular online niche adult, however, you can also make good money here, it is very easy to do, and you can earn money on the first day of activity.

And then it dawned on me that as soon as I became an adult, I was actually engaged in sales of information products, but later I lost sight of this type of activity. Rummaging through my archives, I found my sales statistics and their alluring total of$ 2,180, which was more than enough for my student leisure.

So this experience has provided me with useful skills that will help you earn money.

Raising the first money from the Internet

After graduating from school, all I had was a laptop with selected notes. I understood how valuable they were, so I decided to sell them on the global network. And, alas, at that time, my naivety overshadowed my common sense.

Almost all of my work was uploaded to Sellfy. And then I somehow concocted the announcement of the sale. Come on, go ahead and rate my talent as a VIP-level copywriter.


My example is a clear evidence that even a beginner in sales does not need the best sales funnels, marketing tricks and other nonsense that is now teeming with Internet sites that help earn start - up capital - these things are only needed for optimization. And already looking at the opportunities of the free market in terms of feedback, you can decide whether it makes sense to pour in additional investments.

Below I showed my sales statistics for the month. And although this is not a phenomenal statistic, but for the work done in just an hour, without additional investment, except for small things-this is an excellent result.


The development of the reputation in the community

Building trust at the beginning of any project is half the battle. And despite the fact that I did not bother with the creation of sales funnels, subsequently, the trust relationships I established in the process of dialogues on forums, very noticeably contributed to sales. And social validation helped in this case, through the history of messages, subscribers to topics, likes, but most of all, the desire to help forum participants.

"Give more than you can take, and you will be given more, Sahil."

It is clear that the audience of Internet users has undergone significant qualitative changes since forums began to lose ground in favor of social networks. However, the principles have not changed yet. You just need to decide on a community that has common values with you, and a niche that you need to master.

Now you will see how I was helped by community members who created a request to give a boost to my startup. If you have a reputation as a useful user, people will help you develop your success.


Search for valuables in your PC

I'm sure every user will have them. Any PC contains valuable information that people are willing to pay attention or even money to own.

Pay attention to your life's work: work, study, sports, economic activity. You probably managed to create something of value, even if it was done by accident. And it can be almost anything.

Would you like to take a look at my examples? You are welcome.

Publication about the essence of quantitative trading algorithms. Posting the same note on Reddit gave me more than 3,000 reputation points, making me one of the top five authors in the entire history of the platform with more than 200,000 members.

Posting about the nuances of getting an interview on wall street allowed me to become $ 160 richer after the first week of placement. And if the topic is popular, I will create a full training course.

Personal financial calculator-a product posted on GitHub that shows how much a person needs to work to achieve their goals. Although initially I made it for my friends.

By and large, I spent a little less than 24 hours of personal time bringing these things to mind. These things helped attract the attention needed to launch the first sales. After all, what I once needed turned out to be necessary for many more people. However, do not try to overdo it.

Why does everyone need to go to sales

For those who think that there is no point in earning a little, I will say: any amount of earnings is money. And all successful and rich people started small. After all, the laws of business are the same for both small and large enterprises.

Also, think about the fact that this is a great addition to your annual profit.

After all, this money can buy for the amount of:

$ 100 - food that will last for seven days;

$ 500-pay for Internet access;

$ 1000 - buy devices that help you earn money;

$ 5,000-pay for utilities;

10,000 dollars-pay half the cost of renting a home.

As you can see, this earnings makes sense.

You should have an understanding that this method of earning practically does not require any expenses, both moral and material, but it is able to feed you all your life, in parallel with your main job. And even if there are no sales, you will get an excellent reputation in the community, preparing the ground for your further successful start. Opportunities can be surprising, especially with modest expectations.

My result, which was achieved by creating this product, significantly exceeded the volume of my total sales. This gave me the following preferences.

There is a huge demand for consultations, and the money received for them would be enough for me to open a Deposit, buy a house, and all this combined with studying in College - I would not be prevented by the best business acumen in order to develop correctly.

Having received three propositions to take the post of head of business training with a turnover of 1-5 million dollars a year, I did not use any of them. But I got invaluable experience.

Advice to schools and universities on the development of their educational programs in the subject "Mathematics".

The results of your work may not be visible at first, but it is impossible to achieve results without doing anything. And luck is often important in any business. But she smiles at those who try to do something.


You always have the opportunity to sell something from your PC, getting a reputation or money for it. And to do this, you need to make the smallest effort. In turn, this additional source of income will quickly make you financially independent, and with a personal brand in the vast global network. As a result, this will open up new opportunities and prospects.


Result: 2180$ per sale PDF

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