Business case — how to effectively increase site traffic

Helenka90 • 8 January 2020

The result is a 6-fold increase in traffic.

Current position:

current position

The hardest task to increase traffic. But the benefits for the site owner are obvious:

  • increase in the estimated value of the site;
  • attracting new customers;
  • creating a reliable basis for future development.

On this example, I will show what tools were used to increase traffic by 6 times and increase the estimated cost to 5 thousand dollars per month.

Current data for the site

- the site was launched in 2012;

- in 2016, the site was redesigned, an updated version launched;

- Alexa 156k rating (global).

Positioning of the site - audience of India and Bangladesh.

Conducting a SEO audit

Referring Domains

The main problems of this site:

- lack of quality content;

- the availability of one page.

In addition, the site lacked the most important advantage - it did not provide good content to the consumer.

Tools for promotion

The first step is to identify keywords for successful ranking. In our case, we chose 8 keywords "Must Wins".

All keywords had CPC index. This means that visitors made bets and in the ranking this is the most profitable combination of words. We calculated that one click was worth at least $20!

After the content optimization work was completed, we developed LSI keywords to improve the site's ranking.

The next step was to maintain the content

Once the optimization of the site has been successfully completed, a content support program should be developed. What does this mean? It is necessary to constantly supplement the content with keywords to increase attendance at the site.

Our strategy was to increase blog content. This tool gives excellent results in increasing traffic.

What results did we get?

Thanks to an accurate strategy and good content, we have achieved excellent results. We have achieved the goal - the current traffic cost is estimated at 5.2 thousand dollars per month.

The content of the site has increased - instead of one page, it is a site with 72 pages. It is Alexa 96k in the global ranking.

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