How to make $12763 in 1,5 months in Malaysia?

Aliya Kain • 30 October 2020

How to make 400k in 1,5 months in Malaysia?


When you work with adult on hard creatives accounts live max for 1-2 days and the daily reloading of campaigns is very stressful. Therefore I was looking for new topics where would be less headache with bans, also the ROI would remain about 100%.


I started with joints in the CIS. With a relatively low cost per lead the traffic paid off but the ROI didn’t fit me. On the advice of my manager I went to test B-flexer offer for Malaysia. I have never worked with Asia and didn’t believe in positive drain. Nevertheless I took 1 standard landing + 3 pre-landings on the split. I leaked $30-40 for each non-lead pre-landing. As for creatives I was sure: the CTR is 8-10% + and that’s why I began to search in the adspay, which was in the rollout in Malaysia in the current couple of months and found one interesting pre-landing.

 Offer: B-flexer

 Traffic source: Facebook (target)

 GEO: Malaysia

 Total Leads: 2975

 Confirmed: 918

 Spent: $6610

 Received: $12763

 Profit: $6153

 ROI: 93%

 PP: Money4Leads


 Pre-landing from the spy showed a decent success and leads immediately began to arrive.


 However with a starting rate of $12 for an accepted order and a current approval rate of 30%, the traffic merged into a minimal plus.


The manager and I began to figure out the options. In the end, we decided that we need to transfer the pre-landing to the ZC, so that the guys develop scripts in accordance with my pre-landing. On the new scripts within 3 days the approval stepped from 30% to stable 40%+. And according to the results of the monthly release the average approval was 49%.  As soon as M4L received the first ransom data my bet was raised to $2 and it became more fun to drain.


I work with my own farm accounts which I register on the iPhone and then transfer to Indigo. When I funnel to more or less adequate creatives my accounts reach the billing threshold of $400 and are sent to the policy within 3-7 days. According to our philosophy we never leave a target for money, even if it gets into a small minus.  But if Mark decides to ban the office - this is his problem, if you know what I mean.


The drain scheme is standard: 1 campaign on CBO, it contains 3-4 ad sets with 1 creative in each. We set up an auto-rule to turn off ads when the high price of a lead and give the ad another chance with the onset of a new day.


C Creatives 


I always worked with video creatives 12-30 seconds long. In these videos you can show the problem and its solution in detail. But on the joints a new format began to be tested: 5-7 second videos long. I noticed that the CTR noticeably has grown and it coincided or I don't understand why but the accounts began to live longer.


I attach the creatives from which the bulk of the leads came.


 Screen from target fb which we managed to find




The same bundle but on other videos now goes with a good ROI on 3 new geo. I don’t recommend using the creo from this case and the reason is they are very greased. 


Every month I increase the volume and see a huge potential in the product line.  The next level which I am boldly approaching – is 1000 daily orders.

Many thanks to MONEY4LEADS affiliate program and my manager!

Profit everyone!

Result:  Profit: $6153

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