Sweepstakes Case Study: Testing PropellerAds CPA Goal 2.0

Roman Smith • 25 September 2020

Sweepstakes Case Study: Testing PropellerAds CPA Goal 2.0 (40% ROI)


Campaign legend


Industry: sweepstakes

Payment level: 12 euros

Localization: Portugal

Affiliate Program: Clickdealer

Advertising network: PropellerAds

Types of traffic: POP/PPV




Many marketing gurus probably know what PropellerAds is. This company from Cyprus works with POP/Push traffic and has been a leader in this niche for quite a long time.


And since the beginning of last year, these guys were visited by the idea of presenting a new version of the bidding price model. And since its introduction, it has been systematically improved. This is what prompted me to test it.




About the campaign


Well, first I suggest that you understand such a concept as "the goal of CPA 2.0" and its difference from other trading strategies.


I took the interpretation of this term directly from the "Question-answer" section on the PropellerAds website: "CPA goal 2.0 is an automatic optimization technology implemented based on the desired conversion cost. This algorithm can help you predict the cross-sections of traffic that are likely to "shoot", giving a conversion of excellent quality for a reasonable price."


In other words, it turns out that now there is no need to manually adjust the cost of a thousand impressions in order to get the optimal bid for a single placement, and optimize the price of a single click (as a rule, they do not put a slightly lower payment per offer).


My campaign was nothing more than network marketing without being linked to any zones. I was interested in testing this point to assess the full potential of this pricing model.


Target page and proposition


By chance, my personal ClickDealer Manager sent me a checklist of leading propositions in the CC-Submit Sweepstake conversion plan for the last 7 days. And GEO was included in this list. I didn't have any other campaigns in it at that time. I am now talking about a proposition from the “Win Samsung Phone” sweepstakes, with a relatively promising EPC indicator (if you compare it with other propositions in Portuguese geolocation).




Screenshot Of The Offer Page




Screenshot Of The Landing Page


As for the use of landing pages, it is advisable to do it as you please. We are not responsible for damages caused by such actions or for legal problems that arise as a result.


Debugging tracker and traffic sources


Setting up the tracker


Since I knew that this proposition worked, and the target page gave a good rebound in other geolocations in conjunction with a specific traffic source, I decided to launch only one bundle "proposition - target page" for testing purposes. However, I do not recommend doing the same for beginners who do not understand what makes a profit, and what is useless in relation to a specific traffic source.


The price is put in the CPC marked “auto".


Please keep in mind that after a different test of the CPA Goal 2.0 trading strategy, prices had to be manually adjusted in the first few days. This is because the tracker data and real data about the traffic source's expenses were often radically different from each other. It seems to me that this explains the system's test period. At this point, it finds out and adjusts the price to the correct level.




Configuring traffic sources


I decided to set a very conservative CPA at $ 8 (about 60% of the total amount of the proposition). But this point needs to be checked in the foreseeable future. (High payout percentage vs. low). I didn't change the lion's share of other parameters.


Obviously, there is no way to limit the frequency of ad impressions to a single user. After all, the system itself optimizes the different frequency of demonstrations by zone with reference to the conversion rate.






I was pleasantly surprised to find a rapid increase in conversions and a five-fold increase in ROI. And this is already in the first hours after the launch of the campaign. However, the conversion rate dropped to negative values the next day. Obviously, and the chart below clearly demonstrates this, the campaign was conducted everywhere, and on a daily basis, which in the end made it profitable.




Instead of a conclusion


The whole situation looks like this: after the start of the campaign for the "CPA Goal 2.0" trading strategy, the conversion rate soars like a rocket. But not for long. And then just as quickly flies down, and eventually comes to naught after a few days. This fact does not mean that you should constantly restart campaigns after a couple of days and thus get a significant profit. It is better to collect a decent database and launch the "CPA Goal 2.0" campaign, using the white list. This, in theory, can lead to increased profitability and extend the life of the campaign.

Result: 40% ROI

Tags: Affiliate Marketing Gambling Marketing Traffic Arbitrage CPA



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