1 cent clicks and 118% ROI on joints in Colombia

Aliya Kain • 25 October 2020


Case: 1 cent clicks and 118% ROI on joints in Colombia


Offer: Bioforce CO

Drain time: 1.05-31.05

Source: FB

Gender: F+M

Age: 35+

Received: $18566

Costs: $8500

Profit: $10066


I’ll say right away that offers for Latin America pleasantly surprised me: firstly, everyone loves cheap geo, click for a cent, lead for a dollar, and secondly, adequate approval and the ability to scale up.


What we learned after several months of tests in Peru


You are bound to succeed if your manager expeditiously gives you feedback on:


•Areas with delivery

•The relevance of your creatives

•Format for writing your proclamations and landing pages

•Adequate translation

For us, this geo was completely new, because the main volume is going into Eastern Europe.


Prelanding + landing was sent to us by a manager marked ‘TOP’ material, although their presence in the open access call into question!


If you have your own prelandings, I would recommend checking them with the PP, cos the presence of some celebrities can backfire.



Land with form

Landing with form

I don’t see the point of writing about cloaking methods etc. since there is more than enough information.


The same thing about accounts - the market is big and everyone will get their own autoreg!


The first day of testing - we caught leads with a price of $1-2, which was acceptable for us.


Advertising offices lived +- similarly draining $100-200 to Europe. 


Of the lifehacks, I can mention only one thing. We worked awfully hard with fanpages:


•Collected signature

•Responded to comments with subsequent translation from the link to the order form

•Posted interesting content


In short, fierce SMM.


From such actions we got 10-20 leads every day.





Approach and creatives


If you poured joints in the CIS from 17 to 19 years and you still have those same creos with STR +100500, feel free to get the plantains and you will profit)




1. Good profit from this offer.

2. Quarantine is not a reason to blunt.

3. Interesting geo with great potential.


P.S. We format teams into a full-fledged business, work in white and pay taxes!


 Profit to all, gentlemen)


 If you want to try yourself in a team, welcome!


How and what for to work in white


It's no secret that arbitration teams or media buying agencies (call it whatever you like) have long been transformed into a full-fledged business, in which bookkeeping plays an important role!


The beginner's work scheme is as follows.



•WebMoney wallet, YAD, etc.

•Tinkoff bank account


After exiting the hold of your hard earned money, the fun begins.


Withdrawal to our wallet (any of the possible), after withdrawal to the card in circulation - at such moments we lose % for withdrawal and suspicious activity on the bank account or


•We agree on the PP to pick up cash (pro level)


In both cases, your bank account will always be suspiciously active, and sooner or later someone will ask you the question - how and from where? Of course, if the sum is up to 300k rubles per month, then you shouldn't worry too much, but what kind of an arbiter with a turnover of 300k per month)


 There is a huge number of software companies on the market who are ready to work according to official documents with an individual entrepreneur or LLC (RF), dig in-choose!


The only question is the promptness of the withdrawal and additional buns from this PP.


For ourselves we have long ago decided on the main partners where we upload the traffic!


One of which (we will not specify the name of the PP) works with us on the treaty with the withdrawal of the balance to our P/C upon the invoice issued. Money is clearing to our account during 1-2 days from the date of sending.


If in the morning an invoice leaves us for payment, then most likely the money will go to our bank during the day or the next day. We use the STS taxation system, which is the most convenient and beneficial for us. The bank automatically calculates 6% of your income to the tax piggy bank.


Like on of the benefits from our partner - it is the compensation for the transfer commission (3%).


What we got at the exit


1. The transparency of our income.

2. Lack of risks when exchanging or cash out from your email wallets.

3. Prompt replenishment of our turnover.

4. Healthy and sound sleep)


If you want to try yourself in a team, so welcome!

Result: ROI: 118%

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