SEO case: OFF-page + ON-page working bundle forever = successful project

Roman Smith • 8 March 2020

SEO case: OFF-page + ON-page working bundle forever = successful project

The author of the publication, Eric Enge, thoroughly examines the positive impact of SEO-oriented information submitted by local content gurus on target traffic, and in particular, on its growth.


I often meet people who believe that today SEO promotion and search engine optimization have already lost their relevance, but I do not agree with them, because I have reason to believe that even now this hard work can bring great results.

And in this publication, I will talk about the results of thematic monitoring of a web resource, according to the business plan of which creating content with a high degree of differentiation on this site should be a simple process. And then this content will need to be effectively promoted. The owners of the project are sure that the content and marketing strategy should be created focusing on end users, and you will see for yourself that their result is simply stunning.

A little information about the test subjects: the company in question is called kimkim and is my customer.

Business description

kimkim is a travel Internet company that has been brought to life by a team of businessmen and entrepreneurs with a remarkable experience behind them. They have previously worked with companies such as EveryTrail and TripAdvisor. They set themselves the task of developing the tourism industry with an eye to the local authentic experience, while maintaining a high level of consumer confidence and a high level of quality of services provided. This goal was achieved by working with local guides who generate useful information and ideas, offering users an invaluable travel experience to their clients ' services. Often, these tours are not conducted on traditional tourist routes, but on those trails that your travel company does not even know about.

Of course, this strategy does not guarantee comprehensive coverage, but it allows the travel company to provide first-class content for each place that tourists are interested in. I believe that this philosophical approach is a kind of locomotive in this history of successful activity. In SEO, it is better to know several aspects perfectly well than to be a gray mediocrity in all directions.

SEO strategy and ways to implement it

The structure of the web project was designed so that the content started with small publications and moved over time to large ones. And since the site was constantly updated with new countries, publications began with descriptions of local experts who live in this area and should manage the process of creating articles about this country. This allows new sections devoted to different countries to get an impressive package of articles with a clear local flavor.

After launching the site, we made a thorough analysis of it, including the use of content crawling tools, and obtaining and analyzing information from the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. This monitoring is carried out constantly, in order to ensure that search engines find and index the site without problems and it does not face problems with visibility and indexing.

From the position of promotion, local experts also assist in promoting the project within the country, which in turn can help you get a bunch of regional links to a section of the site related to a particular region. A key component of the SEO strategy was the creation and implementation of a detailed content plan for each country based on local guidelines with a guarantee of a broad and deep content mix.

Such a task as managing a diverse audience of authors of publications, many of whom superficially knew English, proved to be very difficult. But, the game was worth the candle, because it was the key to writing a great portfolio of articles for each individual country.

Next, we started to work with websites within the country, informing them about kimkim's offers regarding the list of services and their content. 

Next, we took up local hotels, and many of the objects mentioned in the content, in order to make sure that the information is up-to-date and accurate. These outreach steps have improved visibility in local markets and contributed to the creation of links on the site to a number of country-specific sections.


Kimkim has received a steady increase in traffic from potential customers. And to date, their site is firmly entrenched in the top 5 search results for a number of industry keywords, including "Manaslu trek" and "Nepal travel expert". They managed to achieve a staggering rate of influx of visitors, as evidenced by the image:


Here you can clearly see how much organic traffic growth was received by the kimkim website

To date, this trend has been steadily maintained, occasionally showing jumps, as it was at the beginning of 2018. January is a period that often involves a seasonal spurt, but if you compare the indicators of the beginning of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the difference is noticeable to the naked eye.

This fact shows that SEO promotion works just fine even now. They are obliged to share excellent user experience within the strong backbone of the site, and then engage in successful promotion of this content.

Result: Working bundle forever = successful project

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