Starting A $15K/Month food blog for Fitness Enthusiasts

mason • 1 November 2020

A food site with about half a million sessions each month. We produce guides, recipes, and tools for food-loving exercise enthusiasts.

Our revenue comes in display advertising, exclusive articles through Patreon, Affiliate programs and promotion, and the occasional new venture. In total, the site earns $15k-$20k a month, and earnings has approximately doubled every year since moving full period in 2018.

And as of the season, we are presently a 2-person: husband and wife team.

It's me and my wife


What is your backstory and how can you develop the idea?

I started the site in 2014 while wrap a level in nutrition. Instead of pursuing a postgraduate dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian, I started a personal training business. The blog was a side project and portfolio for freelance writing until 2017 when I decided to take the leap and work on it full time. While the site was just making a couple hundred bucks per month at There, I would read a lot of success stories and watched enormous potential in blogging. I stopped everything, cashed in sufficient savings to provide myself a 6-month runway, and began publishing as much material as I can.

Perfect is the enemy of good. If I’d waited for perfection to start, I’d still be waiting.

My Instagram was coming 10k followers in ancient 2018, but earnings Was growing slower than anticipated. In an endeavor to generate new revenue streams I achieved to the nourishment training firm Stronger U about an affiliate venture. I functioned as their meals dude to get a year before my website reach an inflection point and that I needed to give it every piece of my attention.


About product creating

Our product is content, and I’m a believer in the “quantity leads to quality” way of thinking.

Food photography was among the greatest struggles early on, and it is Some thing I continue to utilize daily. Nevertheless, I was able to get with iPhone food pictures before mid-2019 once I made the change to shooting with a DSLR. If you are getting in to food photography, my most important tips is to always use natural sunshine, utilize Pinterest for styling inspiration, and test out The Bite Shot to your skills as soon as you're prepared to dip deeper.

Food Instagram Photograpghy, Food blogging


If I had waited for perfection to begin, And strangely enough, a number of my greatest performing articles have photographs taken in an iPhone.


Describing process of launching the business

If you are decently tech-savvy, blogging as a business has low overhead and very small startup costs. Combine this with the fact that I was a young man with cheap rent and no children or major duties, along with also my 6-month runway seemed something similar to a cool $10,000. The situation was getting a different job or carrying on private training customers if it failed.
Lived under my way with roommates. Ramen profitability gets much more difficult to reach as you proceed throughout life. If I had some advice it is to begin something as ancient as you can. Like, now.
After I jumped to perform on the site full time, the First route to Monetization within my own eyes was a membership supplying where I could provide everything from training programs, nutrition training, and recipes under a single roof. I moved up to to build a membership part of my website and had a somewhat successful launch together with the little audience I had in the moment.

However, after a month, I understood I had been archiving too shortly and did not Have a decent content library. I closed the membership down section, refunded my entire heritage members, and provided it all for free on the site. The membership thought evolved to what is now our Patreon, where sponsors get early access to new recipes along with our whole cookbook library.

Cookbook library


Since launching, what's worked to attract and keep clients?

I really don't need to dismiss how much the private brand I have constructed on Instagram affects others. I only like to determine just how much site traffic you can create with no main social media.

My biggest suggestion for developing Instagram is to post your most I responded to each remark and DM for many years, and that I did weekly movie Q&As in Instagram stories. It is difficult to develop on Instagram, also you won't have a lot of luck . In addition, I think that it's not for every market, and also the time could be better spent elsewhere for many people.

You've got an Benefit with content from the meals, DIY, or traveling markets, but I believe additional markets are underserved on Pinterest. In regard to Pinterest hints, I would not get too much in the weeds.

I produce multiple hooks for blog articles with a tool such as Canva and print new pins to my boards Daily. Cases: baked chicken tacos (580k shares), atmosphere fryer carrot chips (50k shares), beef boiled tacos (80k shares)

Food pictures that got shares


While I am no search engine optimization expert, I will say that my blog articles with plenty of Pinterest discuss all ranking quite well on Google too.

Along with my ancient articles's tough looks I Mentioned Previously, it Also had zero SEO plan behind it. New content thoughts came mostly from viewers asks. I began performing keyword research and producing new recipes in 2019. I aim low competition keywords (<20 kW problem in Ahrefs), concentrate on fostering well-ranking articles with inner hyperlinks and articles enhancements, and drive visitors to well-ranking articles via social.

Metrics from Google Analytics, proof


SEO side note: I have considered a domain name change and rebrand within the Years because the existing is not indicative of what the site's about nowadays. However, the domain name has some good authority thanks to beginning in 2014 and freelance writer for many decades. Some will state your domain does not matter, and that I agree to some degree. Nevertheless, if you are beginning, put some consideration to a brand-worthy domain . However, maybe not so much consideration you never begin.

There are over 15,000 people in the group today, and 95 percent of this content is user generated. Protoners (members) discuss their photographs of recipes that they created, request product recommendations, and make discussions about food/fitness. That is my go-to spot for statements and linking with"authentic" fans.
But I am an email promoting peasant. It is something I have attempted to outsource and expect to one day crack the code to get my own enterprise.
A huge goal once I began was to finally bring my spouse on board. Working with a partner is not for everybody, but we strangely love spending every second together. It is gross. And they say you're never find somebody who cares about your company as far as you can. I went with the 2nd most spent person for a spouse.

We aim to Continue generating more information and driving more visitors going ahead. Sponsored content is just one of my favorite things on the planet. So creating a product or new under our roof would be in the back of my thoughts.

As a creator, your core audience is the ultimate asset in your business. As they say, earning trust takes forever but destroying it takes seconds. If you’re unsure about a partnership, don’t do it.

How are you doing today and what will be happen in the future?

A big goal when I started was to eventually bring my wife on board. And in June, that became a reality. Working with a spouse isn’t for everyone, but we oddly enjoy spending every minute together. It’s gross. And they say you’ll never find someone who cares about your business as much as you do. So I went with the second most invested person as a partner.

The blog is on pace to see around 10M page views in 2020. We plan to continue creating more content and driving more traffic moving forward. We also plan to continue diversifying revenue streams and improving our exclusive content offerings on our Patreon. Sponsored content is one of my least favorite things in the world. So developing a product or brand under our own roof is always in the back of my mind.


Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

We going to continue generating more information and driving more visitors going ahead. Sponsored content is just one of my favorite things on the planet. So creating a product or new under our roof would be in the back of my thoughts.

Through beginning the company, have you heard anything especially valuable or valuable?
Influencer advertising remains underpriced and underutilized. Should you Have a item, influencers are speaking to and earning the confidence of your ideal customer each and every moment. Find themcreate a campaign tailored for their viewers, and extend a nutritious affiliate commission. I would also encourage searching for ongoing partnerships instead of single paid articles. My very best venture is using a supplement firm, PEScience.

We’re planning to work with influencers shortly to promote our free cookbook email opt-in. This will be primarily for brand awareness and email subscriber growth, but the free digital cookbook has a link inside to purchase a hard copy version that currently drives a small amount of revenue.

Coming in the influencer side, I love to believe I have been really Selective with my ventures. Before I do some sponsored job, I investigate the firm, try its goods, and search through client testimonials. But with study, poor partnerships are certain to happen. My advice would be to be as selective as you can, cost double what you believe you should bill, and search for continuing partnerships. Additionally, it may be handy to try to find different influencers that are promoting a solution and examine their history.

As a founder, your core audience is your Greatest asset on your business. As they state, getting confidence takes forever but ruining it takes moments. If you are unsure about a venture, do not do it.


What platform/tools can you use for your industry?

We use Canva to design each of our Pinterest hooks, cookbooks, and site images. It is a non-designers best buddy. I have not tried every key word research tool under sunlight, but Ahrefs contains what that I want and much more. And while I understand hosting is a touchy matter, I can not talk highly enough in my period with Bigscoots. It is one of the only"tools" I have often said I would pay more for.
Beyond this, I am not much of a tools individual. I've a simple workflow I'm a grumpy old guy around. You don't have to reevaluate my productivity together with productivity tools, however I am conscious that I am in the minority on this one!


The most interesting information services 

Are a few of my favorites from the blogging and business area.

In Terms of books, I have read 100+ company books and could not Pinpoint particular books which were helpful. I believe that they're all floating about in my mind, but the tales of companies are those which stand out. Shoe Dog along with the narrative of Nike is 1 case that actually stands out. Even though it's unlikely you will read about a solopreneur blogger at a mainstream publication. I love to locate individuals who've assembled something I'd love to construct. Theory of Content, Do You Even Blog, and Noah Kagan Presents are some of my favorites in the blogging and business space.


Advice for different entrepreneurs that wish to begin or are only beginning?

Understand what you need from your company from the beginning. Assembling a large I understood going in that I did not wish to become a supervisor. That meant being a jack of all transactions in my personal company at things, which came in the expense of growth I am sure.

To maintain things, more, particular, I believe starting a website is one of The best things that you can do. It does not need to be a market site about a subject you are passionate about. It might be a private blog in which you talk about what exactly you are working on, studying, or curious in. You can certainly do it on both sides (such as I did from 2014-2017), also that I believe that you will be amazed what could include it later on.

And as a last suggestion, I will only say that starting a company is significantly easier when you've got your own personal finances in order. Stop spending money on items you do not require.

Result: $15.000/monthly

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