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rayzl • 26 October 2020

When you work with an adult on hard creatives, akki live for 1-2 days at most, and daily re-uploads of campaigns are very stressful. Therefore, I was looking for new topics where there would be less firebrand with bans, and the ROI would remain about 100 %.

I started with joints in the CIS. With a relatively low lead price, the traffic paid off, but I was not satisfied with the ROI. On the advice of my Manager, I went to test the B-flexer offer in Malaysia. I've never worked with Asia and I didn't believe in plus-size draining. Nevertheless, I took 1 standard land + 3 procles on split. I leaked $ 30-40 for each prokla without leads. As creatives, I was sure: CTR 8-10%+ and so I started looking in adspay, which was in otkrut in Malaysia in the current couple of months and found one interesting prokla.

Offer: B-flexer

Traffic source: Facebook (target)

GEO: Malaysia

Total leads: 2975

Confirmed: 918

Spent: $6610

Received: 12763 $

Profit: 6153

ROI: 93%

PP: Money4Leads

Procla from the junction showed a decent breakdown and immediately began to fly leads.

However, with a starting bid of$ 12 for the accepted order and the current appruve of 30%, the traffic merged into a minimum plus.

The Manager began to see what the options are. As a result, we agreed that we need to give procla to the CC so that the guys would develop scripts in accordance with my preland. On new scripts within 3 days appruv jumped from 30% to a stable 40% +. And at the end of the monthly drain, the average appruv was 49%. As soon as M4L received the first data on the buyout, I was given a bid of$ 2 and it became more fun to pour.

I work with my own farm accounts, which I install on my iPhone and then transfer to Indigo. When draining on more or less adequate creatives, my akki reach the billing threshold of$ 400 and fly to the policy within 3-7 days. According to our philosophy, we never throw a target for money, even if it pours into a small minus. But if mark decides to ban the office, that's his problem, if you know what I mean.

The drain scheme is standard: 1 campaign on CBO, it has 3-4 adsets with 1 creative in each. Setting up the auto-rule to disable ads when the lead price is high and giving the ad another chance with the new day.

To The Creatives
I have always worked with video creatives lasting 12-30 seconds. In these videos, you can show the problem and its solution in detail. But on the joints began to test a new format: 5-7 second VIDOS. I noticed that CTR has increased significantly and either it coincided, or I don't understand why, but akki began to live longer.

I attach creatives from which the bulk of leads came.

Screen from the FB target that was found

The bid from MONEY4LEADS

the same bundle but on other VIDOS now comes with a good ROI for 3 new geo. I do not recommend using the Creo from this case, as they are very zashkvarilsya.

Every month I increase the volume and see a huge potential in the product line. The next bar I'm approaching is 1,000 daily orders.

Thank YOU very much to the money4leads affiliate program and my Manager!

All the profit!

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