Our happy guide on Reduslim EU: how we managed to earn 9971 dollars. at the end of three weeks

Roman Smith • 2 November 2020

Despite the end of the lucky Oktoberfest promotion, there is no reason to get discouraged. After all, we have something interesting in store for you. This is a real case from the category of arbitration in conjunction with one of our offers, namely Reduslim EU.

So, as a result of draining traffic to Germany for three weeks, one of our partners managed to make a profit of $ 9,971. And this is a very good result of the work! I would like to believe that this publication will prompt you to think correctly about using the right approaches that can lead to the desired result, that is, to victory in the battle for profit.

So, given:

Offer: Reduslim EU

Padding: budne.xyz

Traffic source: Facebook

Geolocation: Germany

Drain period: 03.08.2020 — 27.08.2020

Number of leads: 1725

Confirmed leads: 36.81% (635)

Expenses: 7 thousand 809 dollars.

Income: $ 17,780.

Net profit: $ 9,971

ROI: 127.7 %

First stage. Create creatives and presenting

Reduslim EU was chosen as the offer. At the same time, in conjunction with it, tests were conducted for two geolocations at once: Spain and Germany.

For each of the geolocations, we used two pads with a form. In addition, we created four creatives for each of the pads.

At first, the Spanish direction gave leads with an excellent cost of about $ 10-12. Although here the public was not particularly interested in what was said by the mediocre CTR level, which fluctuated at the level of 0.8-1.5%.

As for the German vector, here the product was very well interested. And the local CTR of creatives has grown to the level of 6-8%, and the initial testing promised a bright future.

At the same time, the creatives involved not only photos but also videos. Some of them were culturally borrowed from spy networks, while others were our personal creations.

Below are examples of these materials, to which we owe the lion's share of our profits.



The Italian preland was fundamental for the entire campaign, because we already had some experience working with it, and knowledge of what it converts. However, it had to be slightly modified by providing a form in the same gasket in order to avoid loss of penetration.

And our strategy has fired! This happened during testing. After all, this option was the best in terms of indicators. Therefore, it was decided to use it.

You can get acquainted with our promo materials at any time convenient for you on the website https://budne.xyz/

Second stage. Setting up ad campaigns

for this purpose, we decided to use Facebook. And the advertising campaign was scaled up by increasing the number of user accounts. Naturally, Facebook sent them to the ban in batches. This means that we had to rewrite again the lion's share of materials containing a bunch of cloakroom schemes and approaches, but, in General, the drain on small spends was successful for the time being.

At the end of the testing period, the best price per lead was $ 1.47. And we managed to increase the ROI thoroughly to 127.7%. However, all our efforts went to smarka after Facebook "shut down". This led to the ban of all our "users" according to the requirements of the Policy of this social network.

Step 3. About Finance and statistics

In the period from 03.08 to 27.08.20, when the actual drain was carried out, we managed to attract 1725 leads. This cost us $ 7,809 in expenses, generating revenue of $ 17,780. Consequently, our net profit was $ 9,971. The veracity of our story is evidenced by the screenshots of the accounts below.

Screenshot from the partner program:


P.S. Since there was a combined lead transfer to the affiliate program (standard integration + API), there will be discrepancies in the final values. Data from a Facebook ad campaign:


Results and conclusions

A profitable case of one of our partners who worked with the offer was presented to your attention   

Reduslim EU. And his profit of $ 9,971 earned in three weeks of work is an excellent result. We wish all our colleagues in the shop to make a decent profit on cooperation with offers of our authorship. And remember that detailed analysis is very important, as well as tests - they will greatly reduce your advertising costs.

Huge profits to all of you guys!

Well, for those who want to pour it on Reduslim EU once again recall the requirements.

Payouts: up to $ 25.

Geolocations: DE, HU, ES, GR, RO, IT, PL, AT, BG 

Best source: Teaser ad networks, FB, GA

Result: Earn 9.973 dollars of 3 weeks

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