case study: How to get 73% ROI on solar panels in the USA!

Sadie Flatcher • 25 May 2022

White LeadGen (site with a subscription form for a wholesale supplier) breaks into the top earnings this spring. Today, we offer you to consider all the advantages of the offer and provide a ready-made case - how to get 73% ROI on solar panels in the USA!


73% ROI on TikTok

The affiliate chose TikTok as the source of the traffic. The profit of the campaign was $1791, which corresponds to a figure of 73% ROI! The total investment in the advertising campaign is $2439. As a result of the successful RC, it was possible to withdraw $4230.

According to the results of the first split tests, two groups of ads fired. The price per conversion in the first was quite high - about $17. However, the quality of traffic was also stably maintained at a height. For the first test day, this group collected 10 leads worth $470, which brought $169 in profit.

The second of the successful advertising groups also showed a result of 3 confirmed leads, but the conversion price was simply huge - $26. In total, once again, we confirm the rule - you need to do a lot of tests to achieve the desired result. Next, let's look at settings and creatives.




Through trial and error, the most profitable states in our case were identified: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. The target audience was not divided by gender, only an age limiter of 25 years was installed. The goal of the campaign was a full completed registration.






Video was used as creativity. Against the background of installation work, the installation of solar panels on the roof of a private house added a bright text series with the advantages of the offer and a call to action. The text series was duplicated by automatic voice acting with a pleasant female voice.



I had to play around a bit with the length of the video. We decided to leave the full video with the editing work. The main thing is to voice all the advantages of the offer in the first few seconds of viewing, otherwise no one will continue to watch. The main message of creativity was "stop overpaying electricity suppliers." We tell customers how to save on all the time rising electricity tariffs if you install your own solar station on the roof of the house.




Prepare a low-stress, but the most informative creativity - a visual demonstration of the process or result that awaits the consumer with full registration. Also, do not forget to clearly track all running RCs in order to optimize effective ad groups in time.


Pros and cons of the white offer for solar panels


Let's start with a good one:

  • your account is recorded as a long-liver;
  • you are no longer afraid of endless bans;
  • moderation is fast and confident;
  • any random ban is easy to appeal with the return of the acc;
  • you get pure white earnings without remorse.

Of course, there are obvious disadvantages of working with a white offer on solar panels. Perhaps there is only one drawback. You can't get 500% + ROI, as happens with the promotion of gambling or crypto. Nevertheless, it is even easier and faster to get profit here, although not in the same volume as in other verticals.




An offer to install solar home stations in the United States is a great way to quickly and efficiently make money on white lidgen. No bans and problems with moderation in social networks, simple and affordable creatives, an excellent ROI. The amount of profit may not be as high as in other verticals, however, by testing and optimizing campaigns you can significantly improve your results.

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