How we managed to become leaders in search results and attract 1,000,000 new visitors (as well as attract new users)

Roman Smith • 25 September 2020
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How we managed to become leaders in search results and attract 1,000,000 new visitors (as well as attract new users)




Now on the Internet for each client is a real war. And even more. In the modern world, events are developing extremely dynamically, and you can expect anything. And against this background, people are beginning to be interested in something new, in particular, it concerns intellectual materials.


Contrary to the General tendency of companies to catch up with and get a client from anywhere in the global network, having finished them with advertising materials about their promotional offers, we profess to use a consistent and moderate content marketing strategy. It allows you to reach as widely as possible, as well as unobtrusively attract and retain potential buyers in your business.


We know from personal experience that this tactic is more than justified, because our approach to customers is universal: everyone we have recently attracted to our banners came to us thanks to the customer-oriented, consistent, attractive content published by us weekly.


At the same time, it is not just a response to an array of queries coming from our audience, by applying the keywords they are looking for. We try to help them solve real problems by giving them useful and relevant content.


We make every effort to help our clients find the content that we create that is useful for them. We are sure that this is what allows us to bring a lot of necessary keywords to the top of Google search results.


This is probably why the army of our users has 1.000.000 people who came to the site during the year!




Since my creation and launch of Marketing Insider Group back in June 2015, we have been publishing articles, leading the market in the segment of electronic literature, webinar materials, and personal key notes. At the same time, this source is the only correct one for us in terms of getting leads, profits, and new visitors.


Yes. We're talking about getting intellectual leadership. That is, the desire to share your rich knowledge that engages you and gives you the determination to help those who need it.




We share this content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and sometimes IG. In addition, whenever possible, I often give performances in front of both virtual and live audiences. And all in order to give marketers knowledge about how to achieve the same results.


And now I am often asked why I share such an array of knowledge, I will answer simply: it really gives an excellent result, which I could not help but share.


It makes investments profitable.

And this is for quite a modest fee.

Despite the fact that there is no risk.


And this thing works just fine. The best I've ever met or observed in marketing!


So, as part of this publication, I want to tell you these secrets that you can use for the benefit of your business, so that it pleases you with its excellent results. After all, we are a great role model for ourselves!


The reality of life was such that the only type of marketing that I had to do up to this point was working with the Marketing Insider Group. For these guys, we created content about the services that we implemented: twice a week, we wrote interesting content to the blog, which is also useful.


Ranking and organic search traffic


First: what is the importance of ratings and search traffic?


The main reason was the fact that organic search traffic is the only major source of traffic attracted to corporate sites. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate as much as possible on ensuring that this source does not run out.


So how much organic search traffic did we manage to attract to the Marketing Insider Group? If you consider that this is a small company, it is quite a decent number…




Over the past twelve months, our site has received almost 1,000,000 visitors. Moreover, 77% of the conversions from this number were obtained from organic search.


And from Google alone, we received more than 700,000 clicks.


Well, the well-being of any resource (and the brand in General) is evaluated based on whether it receives traffic from search, and whether it is increased, average, or reduced.


Although Marketing Insider Group has been working on the market for only five years, the image below shows that since we started working with these guys (since June 2015), we have managed to significantly increase the level of traffic received through organic search:




It is obvious that our position in the top-100 rating has grown five times over the past five years, or even more!


As a result, our project is now leading in the top 100 search results for 23,305 keywords!


In addition, it is ranked in the top three for 577 keywords, and in the top ten for 1451 keywords. We do ranking by particularly important keywords, such as "What is marketing", "Brand storytelling", "How to measure content marketing ROI", "Why is content marketing important", "Content marketing workshop", etc., etc... as a result, the ratings of our site exceed the indicators of our more influential competitors with more than one hundred employees, tens of thousands of people in the customer base and a price Tag of more than one million dollars.


And working with these keyword ratings gave us an increase in organic traffic from search six times over three years to the mark of one hundred thousand monthly users:




We can demonstrate more than a dozen pages displayed in the Google instant response options you are looking for, as well as among the selected fragments:




And almost all of our clients, as well as leads, we receive both direct and indirect conversions from the slave project. How much does this pleasure cost us? Not at what time. Gratis.


I would like to know that these leads are earned by our honest work, in gratitude for the valuable information that we provide to our visitors.


After all, our regular customers, among whom we are known, and who subscribe to us, are willing to distribute our content.


And this helps us increase our audience daily. At the same time, now a number of users directly make us propositions and offer contracts.


And now, on average, we receive one project per month for developing digital marketing strategies. In return, we give our clients more than a hundred SEO publications that are posted on our blog pages every month.


And this tactic has helped us get customers who occupy positions in the Fortune 500 rating. We also work with people who are the founders of dynamically developing startups without a single person in the staff responsible for marketing.


And this is our strategy that helps us win crushing victories over our competitors. And all this is due to understanding the desires of our customers, which in turn helps us develop marketing strategies with a high level of efficiency in promoting content and corresponding excellent results.


Our regular customer decided to publish this chart of great results in the direction of increasing organic traffic from search. From a level of 50%, it managed to achieve growth to 615% per year. And this was achieved immediately after the beginning of our cooperation with them!




In short, we guarantee our clients excellent results, working according to the methodology created by us for personal use.


Why is this effective?


This is a strategy that will be effective if you understand the principles of Google's search algorithms. They love high-quality content that is published regularly.


In the event of the death of our project we began to publish in a couple of articles weekly.


Well, over time, this number gradually increased. Then we started using guest posts, as well as syndicated recordings. Now we have already increased the weekly volume of published articles to five, and then to seven.


As a result, our formula derived by experience is the most effective solution that brings profit. In other words, you just need to consistently post content by selecting several key topics. In our case, this included:


content marketing publications - once a week;

publications on marketing strategies - once a week;

marketing events or publications about employees and their motivation - once a week.


In other words, with this extensive growth, I want to convey to readers the point that even a small company, with almost no money and with one employee in the state, can be brought to the category of successful in the marketing industry. All you need to do is publish high-quality materials. And you need to do it consistently.


Meaning that nails through it


At the time of writing this article, my blog contained 982 posts.


As a rule, our thematic posts contain about a thousand words. However, there are also giants among them, the volume of which is even 3.5 thousand words!


It turns out that long publications work more effectively than short ones for the most part, because they help you gain authority and experience, and also get a portion of trust called Google EAT!




As a result, our posts were shared by users 11.2 thousand times on Facebook, 34 thousand times on Twitter, 7.3 thousand times on Reddit, and a couple of hundred thousand times on LinkedIn (we don't know the exact number here).


And here are the topics of our most common posts, which gave a very tangible result:


3. top 25 content marketing influencers (2700 reposts excluding LinkedIn).

2. top 20 content marketing blogs that you need to read every day (2800 reps excluding LinkedIn).

1. 26 cheat sheets required for every digital marketer (3000 reposts excluding LinkedIn).


And most of all traffic gave the following posts:


3. Why are social networks important for your business (182.000 hits).

2. What leadership thoughts and when you should use it (189.000 hits).

1. 6 examples of Genius brand storytelling (209,000 page views).


The best publications for the year were the following:


How often you should blog (38,000 views).

10 digital marketing trends you need to know (41,000 views).


If you have experienced this, you will understand this cuisine as well as possible.


Our view on lead generation


We have seen the process of turning our content into a mass of leads. That is, in fact, 438 of our products gave a little more than one lead for three years. And there are at least two hundred publications that have given at least one clue. And only two posts brought more than a hundred leads.


But the main feature in my analysis of the reasons for the appearance of leads was this: all posts were unable to give ROI. And this is due to the creation of effective content. And this is not a couple of articles when you want or have nothing to do. This is the secret of success.


We distribute our publications in social networks. And this brings us leads thanks to the connections established by these publications.


And this allows us to sell mega quickly, forgetting about the competition with other companies.


However, there was a time when I tried to play with paid methods. This was last summer. I threw away the money to pay for the search. Periodically, my inner voice wins and I raise my favorite post on the social network Facebook.


And what do you think it did for me in terms of attracting customers?


Nothing! Absolutely nothing!


And, believe me, I would not be sorry to spend money on a good cause. But if they are invested in the wrong things, which in current marketing is a budget spent on fruitless fuss, then I am categorically against such investments.


And, you know, in some ways I agree with this person:




Seven steps to a million site visitors without a penny of money spent on an advertising campaign


This is the way we go here: first of all, we pay attention to the keywords used by our users, as well as to the questions that interest them that contribute to solving their business problems in the marketing industry.


Then, we develop and conduct an information attack with articles for six months or even a year, in order to create a content plan.


Then, we start sharing any information we know about these issues, while referring to keywords, infographics, videos, quotes, examples - that is, everything that we think will be useful for our visitors in solving their questions.


We distribute our content through the list of subscribers to our updates and through social networks. However, we also distribute information received from third-party users, even if it is our competitors! After all, we know that this is the only way to give our users really valuable content.


We work hard to test our supply and education streams, with the goal of communicating the results of our work to our customers. At the same time, we are not imposed at all.


We also control SEO (traffic, ratings, and impressions) in relation to our competitors, in key media, and among the powerful.


We use this information to find new ideas for creating content that we would like to publish linked to these keywords. And then we repeat the already known sequence of actions first.


We will stick to this strategy at all costs.



Result: 1,000,000 new visitors

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