SEO case: How I managed to get a 5-fold increase in my organic traffic in 3 months

Roman Smith • 12 March 2020

SEO case: How I managed to get a 5-fold increase in my organic traffic in 3 months


Did you know that using SEO and certain content strategies, you can quickly get an increase in organic traffic to your site?


Contrary to the majority opinion, SEO allows you to get a phenomenal increase in traffic to the site several times, in a relatively short period of time.


I have seen this from personal experience. And I managed to do it. For 3 months, I raised the traffic to my Internet resource by 5 times.




And in this SEO case, I will share with you how it was done with a few simple strategies.


In addition, these methods have also allowed me to increase such types of traffic as referral and social.





And those who use my strategies will also be able to achieve such results.


Using this case, I will tell you about my actions that helped me get such stunning results, as well as what you need to do to increase your organic traffic.


Therefore, continue reading and my SEO secrets will be revealed to you.


So, for a start, I abandoned my old content strategy, and the results were not long in coming.

I managed to find new ways to earn money from mentions and links.

And I started promoting my content with all channels in order to increase its coverage.

In addition, I have improved the technical SEO of my web resource, in order to rank by money keywords.

Optimization of tags H1, H2, H3

Maintaining strict keyword density

Using custom meta descriptions.




As a result of a radical change in content strategy, the results were achieved almost instantly.


First, I have adopted the content of the long form. Therefore, I can confirm that all author publications that say that such content is the best option for SEO are one hundred percent right.


I started publishing more extensive articles on my blog, and this increased the volume of organic traffic on my site.


For example, take a look at my article "27 most effective social media marketing tools needed in 2019". It was shown 191,000 times in three months (from January to March 2019).




Another strategy I adopted to increase organic traffic was to increase the frequency of content publishing.


Of course, its quality is extremely important, but the frequency of publication from the point of view of SEO promotion is also extremely important.


The frequency of publishing new articles directly affects the frequency of visits to your site by search robots.


Of course, I was aware of this. However, writing new articles is not always possible.


So I used another neat trick to ensure that the content on my blog pages is constantly updated. And I will share his secret in this case.


So, I did the following:


I started updating content more often and in large volumes. In other words, I actually took the old publications in my blog and added new information and fresh statistics to them.


This process took less effort and time than writing new posts, but it clearly improved the frequency of blog posts.


Now take a look at my example of a weekly article publishing calendar:




I update at least one piece of the article every day, and sometimes even more.


In addition, this SEO strategy has another advantage. It allows old posts to be indexed again by search engines, and better ranked.


For example, look at my article "31 best tools in affiliate marketing that are useful to every marketer". The publication sharply increased its rating after its update in March 2019 (see below).




But this is not all.


This case is dedicated to the coverage of link creation, content syndication, and SEO technical tactics that allowed me to increase traffic on my site by 5 times.


I discovered new methods for getting mentions and links.

You may be aware of popular ways to get backlinks by placing a guest. Many SEO specialists use this method for a long time, in order to get backlinks to their web resources.


In addition, I often invest in the best posts, but guest posts are not enough. I wanted to explore other vectors and find other creative methods for getting backlinks.


Well. I was able to find other sources for getting backlinks and mentions and received over 11,600 mentions in January-March 2019.




I wonder how I managed to achieve this?

Read this case to learn about the strategies that have helped me achieve staggering results in link building.


The first thing I tried to do was participate in podcasts.


I often get invited to speak at podcasts and industry events. This way, I get backlinks from sites with high indicators from my niche.


So, I was able to visit the following podcasts:




Guest access to podcasts provides a double benefit:

allows you to promote your personal brand and become an expert in the issue.

provides backlinks from high-quality web resources hosted on high-authority domains.

The next thing I focused on was the interview and answering questions. This way you can quickly and easily get backlinks from reputable resources.


If you send quotes to expert collapses or give interviews, do both. Both help you get backlinks from reputable sites such as TopRank Marketing, Marketing Blog, LinkedIn, and Biteable.


I promoted my content on all channels in order to increase its reach. It is not enough to write good articles and wait for users to come to your resource for them. You should promote your publications wherever your target audience is, in order to attract organic traffic to your project.


This is exactly what I did, in order to ensure that I get a large amount of traffic, both referral traffic and traffic coming from social networks.




In addition, I have distributed your content through syndication and distribution of content. This allowed me to increase the reach of targeted users, compared to what I would have done manually.


Check out this case to find out about the channels I used to syndicate my most effective publications.


I regularly publish my materials in Medium and it brings me about 70 thousand views per month from this source alone. 




These steps allowed me to get more high-quality backlinks to my resource.




I refined the technical SEO aspect of my blog in order to rank it by money keywords.

The correct use of keywords and other technical aspects of SEO are extremely important in ranking your site in search results.


I optimized my blog in accordance with a lot of technical SEO points that I mentioned earlier. This had a positive effect on improving my search ranking, and naturally led to an increase in organic search traffic to my blog.


Do you wonder how I optimized my blog for search engines? Well, I will share my three strategies I used in the search engine optimization process of my blog.


And here they are.…


Optimization of tags H1, H2, H3.

I have included the main keywords in the headings and subheadings of my blog posts.


Maintaining strict keyword density.

I have a very strict policy of maintaining the density of keywords at 1-1. 5%, in order to rank my content perfectly, but I am sure that it does not look like spam.


Search robots are smart enough to find keywords filled in, due to repeated updates to search algorithms.

In truth, filling in keywords is more likely to harm than help, because search engines recognize such content as low-grade material or even as spam. Therefore, it is better to stick to the tactics of constant, even low, keyword density relative to all publications in your blog. 


Using custom meta descriptions

I constantly provide custom meta descriptions for all my blog posts and try to make them catchy. This allows you to get targeted users and encourage them to go to my site from the Google search results.


As a result of my technical SEO activities, today my materials are fixed in the first places in the Google search results for many profitable keywords, for which there is really high competition. This is probably one of the key factors that helps increase the volume of organic search traffic to my site.




In addition, I was able to increase my personal ratings in search results for other keywords that I selected.


The level of my search rating for a number of keywords increased by more than 90 points, and my materials reached the first page of Google search results, which contributed to the growth of my organic search traffic.




You can also adopt the technical SEO tactics described in this case in order to increase the volume of organic traffic on your resource.


Result: Increased my organic traffic by 5x

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