How to Increase Organic Traffic by 5X in only 3 Months

Anna Sky • 7 January 2020

SEO tools are very useful for increasing organic traffic to your website. How can they help? Read below in this case study.

Effective content strategy was number one

Posts became much longer, and it attracted much new traffic to the page. For example, one of the posts got 191K impressions within 3 months.

The frequency of posting was increased: some new information appeared on the page at least once per day. It helped search engine crawlers to crawl the website and brought new traffic. Sometimes it was impossible to create new posts that often; in these cases the old ones were upgraded.

Below is an example of typical weekly content calendar:


Backlinks and Mentions are also helpful

The most popular way is guest posting, but it’s not enough.

Podcasts started to be used. This instrument brought more than 11K mentions and many new backlinks from authority sites. Besides, this approach created an expert image and personal brand of the author.


Content Promotion Across Channels to Enhance Its Reach

Perfect content is not enough to attract the audience; it should be promoted correctly to bring new traffic.

Posts sharing on content syndication and distribution channels brought over 70K views per month and many high-quality backlinks.

SEO and Key Words

SEO optimization and usage of right keywords helped improve search rankings and increased the organic traffic to the website:

  • Primary keywords were added to the headings and subheadings of the posts.
  • Keyword density of 1%-1.5% helped in good content ranking, and posts didn’t look spammy.
  • Customized meta descriptions were added to the posts to make them more catchy and engage people to click the link in the search.

The above tools improved the search ranking by almost a hundred positions and the page started ranking on the first page of Google search results.


As you can see from this case study, to increase the organic traffic to a website, it’s necessary to use the complex approach.

Result: Increase Organic Traffic by 5X

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