Seo for a financial niche (a case from the very beginning to 25k keywords)

grald • 7 February 2020
Sites on finances are both extremely hard to rank and so easy to gain money from.
The site we got to upgrade looked like tabula rasa: few pages, no traffic.
Nevertheless, we did the impossible. Adding thousands of new keywords and getting organic traffic we made the site to reach an enormous sum - 350 000 dollars for 30 days. Here we share this case-lesson with you.
Previous state
The resource was created in July 2017 and it had neither more nor less than 13,000 visitors per month.
A great purpose of our partner was to overcome the most trusted brands in his area. Thus, he started HOTH X program in October of the same year.
Together we arranged the lightning list of things to attain. What about an advertising budget, at first it consisted of $ 3000 for a month. But as far as our team made brilliant progress, we enlarged it to $ 40 000.
Completing the site audit
We checked that all materials hadn't had any penalties.
Some posts included irritating anchor texts (they took 7% of all information), however, it wasn't a problem. We had quite enough outlay to overcome this fail.
“Fast Wins” keyword collecting
To make the site appeal without delays, at first we payed attention to 230 keywords - "Fast wins". Their ranking was between 4-30 positions and the search volume stayed at 20-11 000 frequency. 
Actually, every keyword has its own CPC, which is defined by Google AdSense. It means that ranking of particular key terms would become profitable business.
So, as far as positions of those words was 
almost on top, we decided to try working with them as a rapid start of our campaign.
Unexpectedly, even the words with the lowest search volume became super lucrative: the click made 20$ per time!
Considering that fact we reduced paragraphs with an endless number of different keywords and applied the win method on further key picking.
Then we advised the partner to add LSI keywords to their target pages. It really helped!
Pay attention to your competitors
In addition, our company always carry out analysis of the best sites in the niche: following this way we collect new related keywords to rank for. Surprisingly, already mentioned by your competitors topics can light you up for hundreds of ideas! Even more: you will definitely find what questions they have forgotten to answer.
Primarily we found thousands of keywords that were used on pages of similar sites and of which our client just hadn't thought of. 
So, our team explicated three kinds of content  and applied each method for that target advertising.
Pages for categories
These are pages that keep abstract keywords and describe main thematic points.
Product review articles
Performing gap content analysis we observed reputable brands and chose fitting items to market. Then product reviews took a big part of all posts. By the way, the gainful part.
Support for keys
After the grounding content had been released, the next step of the optimization process was publishing texts with the most popular keywords.
How to boost ranking of the most searched terms? For example, we are able to support them with a basement - dozens of pertinent articles which are full of internal links to needed keyword content. To make this happen we frequently write highly specialized paragraphs and occasional versions for hub pages.
Managing SEO project
For each individual order we produce manifold of highly qualified links and original texts - the core of SEO strategy.
As far as optimization reaches progress, we direct finances to excellent linkbuilding and more interesting content.
From the cases below you can learn how desperately we prefer white hat techniques (blogging outreach and fascinating posts).
As for the beginning of our seo project, we concentrated on fresh ideas for articles, guest posting and link diversity.
You see, here is the list of budget enlargements for a month. 
2X DA20 Guest Posts (In-Content Links)
3X DA30 Guest Posts (In-Content Links)
2X DA40 Guest Posts (In-Content Links)
7X HOTH Blogger 1000 Words (Blog Content)
2X HOTH Foundations Large (Diversity Links)
1X HOTH Foundations Small (Diversity Links)
Fortunately, doing the work we admitted some advances in page ranking and audience attraction of targeted keywords. Therefore, we surely arose expenses for trustful links and media to post.
10X DA40 Guest Posts
20X DA30 Guest Posts
1X DA50 Guest Posts
40X HOTH Blogger 1000 Words
4X HOTH Foundations Large
Without detailed planning, ideal realization and highly organized communication we couldn't have achieved so astonishing results.
For a bit more than half a year the site have become the leader of content with top ranking. Including the most competitive keywords in the financial sphere.
Now site traffic generates 351k $ of profit monthly.
 What improvements we have done


After including approximately 25 thousands of keywords, the traffic increased rapidly. In what period? One year!
The true progress infographic


It was the fantastic instance of partnership! Seriously, this case was not just about making money.
Firstly, we definitely enjoyed accomplishing set tasks.
Secondly, we were positively impressed by reached mutual understanding with the client. He fully relied on our professional suggestions and at the same time helped us to define the main goals of his promoting campaign. 
Moreover, thanks to an enough amount of investment our company also developed the analysis of competitors' positions. That information was useful not only for the website optimization, but for the whole client's business project as well.

Result: We reached 350 000 $ per month

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