How I was able to promote a local brand with an Entity Association (a real example)

MaikLOL • 16 February 2020

Good day, my name is Michael and I have been engaged in digital marketing for over 10 years. During this time, I managed to work in a large company and began my own path in 2018. Now I mainly work with local companies, helping them to promote the brand. Often I have to use non-standard tactics and decisions to achieve the desired result.

New project

The domain of the site with which I was to work was registered in 2015 and during this time they did not achieve much success. Specialization - home service.


To say that the site was in poor condition means to say nothing. I have revealed the following:

  • Traffic was not tracked at all and there was no Google Analytics or Search Console settings;
  • Keywords were missing;
  • There were no local and backlinks.

Beginning of work

For this site, I decided to use the method of combining elements based on the geographical features of the interface. Immediately a number of problems arose:

  • Could not use too many keywords;
  • It was necessary to avoid simultaneous actions;
  • It was necessary not only to create but also to verify the acting subject.

To start, I used the Website Auditor to view the page data. I had a hard way with this site. Then I opened Rank Tracker and used autocomplete tools, similar queries, related questions, etc.


I needed to find all themed keywords without spam in the text.


Rank Tracker has the ability to sort keywords by relevance and remove duplicates before publishing. This allows you to save a lot of time and effort and not do it manually.


Entity Association Features

To begin with, I decided to look at Google Maps for key objects such as public parks, cafes, cinemas or other objects in this area of ​​the city.


After I noted these landmarks, I began to create and edit content referring to landmarks in the search “next to me”. It is very important to connect your site with large objects on the map. Be sure to add all social profiles to the “same as” field, and also indicates the type of scheme “local business”.


Noticeable result

Using this method, I was able to improve overall visibility for site visibility in search engines. Agree, this is a good result for the site, which for so long was visible only as a domain name!


Have you had a similar experience with such projects? What tools did you use and what results did you achieve? You can also ask me any question that relates to SEO promotion and I will be happy to answer it!

Result: First place in search engines

Tags: Google SEO