Cheap Traffic from the USA. How to Invest $363, and Earn $127,118.

Anna Sky • 4 January 2020

Automatization helps to check ambitious hypothesis and gives impressive results.


UK Creative Ideas Limited (UKCI) company, the owner of the top level domain .ART, invented for the world’s creative community: artists, writers, galleries, etc.

The promo strategy of the premium .ART’s names was based on the unique big data analytics of hundreds millions words taken from online sources like Wikipedia and others.

Thanks to Pareto Law and big data algorithm, the most precious names were collected, which allowed to offer customers competitive prices.



The task was to promote premium names at the US, UK, and Canadian markets, where the prices are usually high: CPC is $1.5-$6. That’s why it was decided to avoid the stage of warming audience by useful information, but to attract the potential clients to the unique .ART names’ catalogue directly.

The previous experiences of targeted advertising in social media and Google revealed that those approaches were unprofitable due to the high rates for the contacts with potential clients.

A $100,000 Idea

Some completely new idea was required. It was decided to use the names as the search phrases. For example, a user inserts “popart” and sees an offer to acquire the “” domain. The aim was to get creative audience and lead them to the domains’ names shop.

80,000 premium names were used for this advertising campaign in Google Ads. Manual control of such a huge process was impossible. Marilyn automatic platform was used for this purpose, as it supports all the social media and Google: it can control thousands of ads according to the set campaign’s rules.


Impressive result

  • Total budget: $363
  • The advertising views: 475,725
  • Clicks: 3,656
  • Average CPC: $0.10
  • Enquiries: $127,118.

This strategy was the most successful for the middle prices names of $300-$600 range, as the low-price ($100-$300) names are complicated, and expensive ones ($600-$1000) are usually brand names.

The automatic platform helped to test a huge campaign at a reasonable price.

Result: Enquiries for $127,118.

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