How you can effectively use SEO: history of one blogger, which could increase traffic by 450% in one day

Alisa_Zmievskaya • 4 января 2020

Today I want to tell you how you can increase regular traffic from 9 pageviews per day to 50 pageviews per day using the travel blog as an example. The content I experimented was sitting for YEARS without a bulge in traffic. I managed to rectify the situation without attracting additional money for promotion. Traffic changes have indeed occurred. I will try to give some tips on attracting pageviews and step by step talk about the process.

MEET - this is NORA

Nora Dunn is a travel blogger who has been writing about travels on her site since 2007. Her blog contains a lot of useful and necessary information, but no one found it. Nora felt it should be bringing in more than it was. So she asked for help to upgrade her site.


The following results were obtained: about 50 visits per day to a post that was visited by 9 people for several years - this is an increase of 450%! In addition, visitors interested in the content of the site increased by 87%, and the number of users accidentally visiting the page decreased by 4%.

How did I do this?

I divided the process into five simple steps to take this post from drab to the second most traffic-generating post on her site:

1. Find an under-performing post with plenty of SEO potential - if there are a lot of posts, then select those that already had monetization. For example, I chose the post Financial Travel Tip #109: Virtual Mailing Services». I found this topic important and useful, and no one before Nora wrote about it. So the post had good potential. I also noticed that there were no images in the post. If you add relevant images to the text, you can greatly optimize the site.

2. Research and find the right keywords - you need to choose two keywords: one that’s strong but definitely within reach, and another that’s more aspirational and a bit of a stretch goal. This will help the post gain more speed and traffic. I focused on the following two keywords: virtual mailbox” as the aspirational keyword, getting 4,200 searches per month and “Best virtual mailbox service” as the within-reach keyword, getting 500 searches per month.

3. This is the most important step to create content that can compete in search results. The post should be better than that of competitors whose content is in first place in the results. It was difficult for me to create a competitively winning option for the term virtual mailbox, since all the results on the first page were the actual companies providing this service. However, the target audience of the site is not interested in finding an organization that can provide a service, but is interested in objective information.

4. Expand the content - here it is important to add or expand sections and subtopics, possibly writing new content.

5. When the content has been formatted and systematized, it is necessary to make a basic optimization of the title, subheadings and images. You can use free services to create stylish titles. I recommend changing the publication date to make it appear that the information is current.


So we increased traffic to Noras post by 450%! You can do it too! Just follow the same step-by-step procedure on your blog.

Was this case study useful to you? Do the same and let me know how it went in the comments below.


Результат: Traffic by 450% in one day

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