Backlink circuits: meet new crushing black hat strategy

grald • 28 March 2020

Wishing to find some new powerful optimization strategies? Then this case is just for you. It's about lucrative black hat, especially about artificially posted backlinks. Thousands of backlinks!

  The story starts from complete Google malfunction: its algorithms are not able to define wether a link is bought or it is typed down as organic. Of course, Google succeed in simple reciprocal linking identification, but new times created new SEO approaches: that is how a innovative concept of backlink circuits starts.


In details, one seo virtuoso need to launch a promotional campaign for UK mattresses manufacturer. The site was built quite well, but it had almost no backlinks. Even more, there was no worth idea how to get them but to buy or exchange.

Nevertheless, this obstacle didn't stop true black hatter. As far as algorithms have no strong parameters for backlink filtration, there were some hidden ways to become a real backlink monster.

The first point is to find thematic oriented sites. If randomly posted links look suspicious, choose related domains with similar content. That confusion will definitely trick search engines.

However, it's not enough: Google ranks down all sites, which are mutually connected. Therefore, use no reciprocals and try a brilliant technique - multilevel circle thematic exchange. It means that your site points to another one but at the same time you will receive a returning link from a third source. Literally this method looks like a chain of 'natural' links.


To make this plan real, it is better to contact your close competitors or small firms that have relevant businesses. For instance, selling mattresses, the seo specialist asked furniture developers and curtain salons for this kind of partnership. It really works.

Note: never write to top rated companies from the first SERP. It's just a waste of time: they have already obtained a colossal base of reliable directions.


To sum up, results were stunning: less than for 5 months this method increased overall traffic by approximately 100% and organic page views enlarged by 89 percents.


Result: How to win Google with black backlinks.

Tags: SEO