SE Ranking: Case Study – how to get 10,000 clicks from scratch

Roman Smith • 25 November 2020
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Life is a strange thing: you never know what kind of surprise fate will throw at you as a webmaster, and what you will learn tomorrow or in just an hour, and how this will help you generate effective SEO promotion strategies.


We realized this when we were assigned the task of developing a web project that monitors South African online gambling sites. 


So, we were commissioned to create a website for an African audience interested in gambling. It would seem that nothing complicated, given our vast experience, so it was decided to go the proven way.


To begin with, our specialists together with the customer have prepared everything that is necessary for the work, and this is:


the analysis of requirements for web-based resources;

monitoring of the market;

research of the main tasks for SEO specialists through a set of tools consisting of SERanking, SimilarWeb, Ahrefs (and the first of them is particularly well-proven in working with the South African market);

the usual quick and easy creation of a web resource on the WordPress platform;

creating a strong and effective communication strategy, as well as its further implementation.


Attention! Our standard strategy, unfortunately, did not meet our expectations. That's why we started improving it. And now we will make a step-by-step analysis of our strategic plan and tell you about our discoveries:


the First stage - key SEO tasks


The first thing we had to do was collect an array of the most important information using SE Ranking and other Similar Web-type tools that give access to data about all the indicators of competing sites, their traffic sources and bids).




SEO Tasks


Analysis of the backlinks of competing sites


Our specialists performed a detailed analysis of the competitive environment using Ahrefs, paying special attention


to the number of referring domains;

increase or decrease in the number of domains;

their reverse profiles in General.


 Well, then our guys resorted to the help of the SERanking backlink verification service, because it shows additional parameters related to backlinks in detail.


Analysis of "enemy" content


Our experts performed a thorough analysis of competing sites with our project and collected all the information that can help our people create the best, detailed and useful content.


Selection of optimal queries


Our experts started researching keywords, which eventually allowed them to create a selection of optimal search queries using the SERanking Keyword Suggestion Tool. Well, after that, these queries were grouped and segmented using Keyword Grouper (we actually tried a lot of other tools, but we already knew that using SERanking would give an incomparably better effect in terms of analyzing terminology related to the South African region).




The second stage is Creating a web resource with gambling


The importance of page design in this case was secondary. They themselves were made thanks to a set of tools in WordPress, which made filling them a matter of minutes.


The only thing we had to do thoroughly was set up the site. In this regard, we decided not to ignore national peculiarities, so we provided the site with a number of unique details. To this end, our design Department has focused on

the color palette used on the national banners of the States of this region. This was to emphasize the localization of the project.


The third stage is content Generation


Next, we moved on to structuring the site and attracting professional authors to collaborate, who were supposed to generate high-quality content that could attract a lot of visitors to the resource. We didn't have any problems with that. We gave orders for:


three dozen detailed review articles of online casinos working with South African players;


home page text;


cycle of General thematic publications.


Well, after filling the site with all this information, the project was launched.


The fourth stage is Creating and implementing a communication strategy


When promoting our site, sooner or later we had to come to the stage of building up backlinks. And in this direction, our experts decided to adopt two elementary ways to increase the volume of incoming traffic to the site of our online casino.


First of all. A private web of blogs was created. In this direction, first of all, our work was to select domains whose registration period has already expired. Therefore, we decided to use the Domain Hunter Gatherer service in order to search for these domains, the name of which included our keywords. After that, we checked the volume of backlinks available on these domains. In other words, we have compiled a checklist of domains that have already expired and meet our key requirements. We selected the most suitable ones and manually checked them. Of course, a lot of time was spent on this. But our efforts were rewarded. We purchased three dozen high-quality web resources at quite reasonable prices. And then some domains were redirected to our main resource via a 301 redirect. Other domains were useful to us in the direction of creating a private web of blogs.


Secondly. We decided to use the methods used by crowd marketers. Our existing experience with projects has proven the effectiveness of crowd marketing. Therefore, it was decided to take advantage of its opportunities regarding our project with gambling reviews. Therefore, we started working with forum accounts that already have a solid experience, solid profiles in social networks, and also placed links in the texts of comments, reviews and tips, counting on additional dividends in terms of attracting customers to the site. And it gave excellent results.


The fifth stage-problem Solving


Analysis of user actions on the web resource showed that we did not do everything correctly. Our posts were of little interest to visitors, so they didn't want to read them. And then it dawned on us that our "first-class content", ordered from professionals, is actually of average quality. In the end, he didn't give us what we wanted.


Therefore, in order to correct the situation, we did this:


we hired authors, so to speak, from the local population, who work both quickly and efficiently. Yes, the task was not easy, but we managed to find a couple of excellent writers who produce excellent publications and at the same time lightning fast;

we translated everything that can be found on the site into all dialects of the region by connecting such a cool thing as hreflangs.


And in the end, it brought us excellent results, increasing traffic from zero to 10,000 visitors.


But we deserve these results. After all, we made great content that allowed us to significantly increase the conversion rate of our project. Therefore, if content is everything, then the geographic location of the Internet - more than anything. This is just a bomb!


the Sixth stage-Overcoming difficulties and achieving project success



The title of this post says that we managed to increase the site traffic from 0 to 10,000 visitors, and we have told you in detail how we managed to achieve this. You can have a bunch of great ranktrackers and tools for working with keywords from SE Ranking, the coolest tools for analyzing backlinks from Ahrefs. And in addition to all this, it is also a super tool that helps you search for expired domains with excellent indicators that can be purchased for a reasonable price. However, it is always necessary to adequately assess how important the geographical location of the project is.


And, check it out, we are not inclined to exaggerate now. And our situation is a vivid example of what it is. We really want this case to be a great help for our colleagues in the SEO promotion industry in

choosing the best tactics for website promotion.


Result: 10,000 clicks from scratch

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