How to enlarge your traffic by more than 6 times just in 1 week

grald • 7 March 2020

This time the story is about Brian Dean (one of the most worldwidely known seo visionaries) and his case about his Backlinko website article and its traffic increase by 652%. How did he reach so exciting success? During this case Brian developed and proved his own so called 2.0 Skyscraper strategy.


Post positions before the case seemed to be quite good.

Dean posted this text and it immediately got lots of traffic, comments, 200+ linking and shares among social networks - the first dozen of search results was reached. What happened?


However, as time went by, the content lost almost all its traffic and it was visited only by 5 users per day. Additionally, it downed to the next serps.

 Page 2


As far as the main Google goal is search contentment, the search engine algorithms started to define user's intention. What is it? The major goal beyond users' questions.

Moreover, Google Rater included guidelines about User Intent. 


So, to become highly rated you should:

  1. find out true user intent, 

  2. answer on these human oriented queries and

  3. enhance your portal with UX signals.

The point 1 is understanding what exact information users are looking for. How to get it?

Nothing special - just analyze the first pages. All of the top sites have already catched the idea of readers' needs and in pursuit of bigger attention structured their materials by some kinds of needs.

For instance, Brian's title was about Seo checklist, but there was no actual checklist in the post.


 Case transformed into this:


Point 2. Customize your content for an audience and don't write for yourself. If people want to find some bits of new info, mostly they have superficial knowledge of topics.

Therefore, get oriented to explain the basics and try to involve as much related stuff as you can.

Brian improved his text with:

  • ground format changes - he created a real detailed checklist;

  • additional tips about SEO software, linkbuilding and keyword optimization;

  • date tags (especially the year) when this post was written so that users can admit its recentness.

Point 3: UX optimization.

Youm have the best content ever, however, if you don't care about appropriate visual comprehension, Google will definitely downrank your brainchild. In order not to let this happen, follow these seo methods:

  • Don't write difficult statements and long paragraphs - no one will read them.

  • For faster navigation, include the option of h2 and h3 subheaders.

  • To help people find needed info immediately, create content tables.

  • Illustrate each theory with your life experience.

  • Preview all articles with catching short intros - make visitors anticipate whole texts.

Results of advice are totally positive. Completing this strategy you can rapidly increase organic traffic.

Using the advice, Brian Dean raised his article ranking from 11 to 5 positions and fixed it for more than 4 months up to now.


Even more: the Skyscraper 2 is a great possibility to be on the first google page after several days of post publishment. It is the easiest way to be on top, isn't it?


Result: This method helps to be on Google top in several days.

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