For investors

If you are a venture investor, most likely you are familiar with the problem, when not all projects "shoot", competent diversification is needed. Our project offers to bet on the whole range of startups and those who show real results. Startups can now use to showcase their product case. It is important.

I would immediately like to discourage those investors who are going to consider our project as an instant profit. The main value for us is people. The project does not set the goal of earning as much money as possible, it is more important for us to serve the community, unite as many productive people as possible who share cases, accelerate scientific and business progress, create a new business culture, and reward those who most productive. This project will allow you to build business relationships with people whose words do not differ from actions.

If you see that our project is somehow monetized, then this is done solely for the survival of the project and its founder, nothing more.



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