What is more effective on Facebook - the number of posts or paid advertising?

MaikLOL • 19 March 2020
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Most often, marketers resort to setting up advertising on Facebook and consider this method the most effective. Is this really the case or is it possible to achieve the same result by publishing more posts? Let's check.

Advertising budget $ 10 vs increased publication

I did not plan to invest a lot of money in this experiment and decided to stop at 10 bucks. Many beginners invest in advertising their projects no more than $ 5 per week. Based on these statistics, I decided to pay a paid display of my post for two weeks. As a result, the advertised post on the wall received several times more user reactions than frequent posts.


Then I decided to apply all my marketing knowledge to maximize the performance of another post. As a result, I increased the optimization parameter, design and frequency of impressions. Now the daily budget was $5.



I changed the age group of visitors and also turned off the automatic placement option so that only Facebook users saw the ad.



Just a week later, I turned on another ad with the same settings, but this time I used advanced targeting. Thus, a post could be seen by a much larger number of people than the first time. The result of my efforts was not long in coming:



In my opinion, none of the options proved to be really good, but for such a small budget, the result was not bad. Thus, we can conclude that the more intensive the publication and the more funding, the better the result.

Conclusion from the current situation

Advertising on the social network Facebook is a powerful tool that you need to learn to use. If you plan to spend no more than 10 bucks a week on promoting your account, then it’s better to study what an ad manager is and all the intricacies of a marketer's work. In another case, you can pay even more and seek the help of a professional in this matter. Standard courses on how to advertise on Facebook will teach you everything you need to know.

I would like to advise everyone who wants to invest their money in paid promotion. Any time and money invested will bring results. The more money and effort, the better the result you get. This social network is very popular and therefore its advertising system is so confusing.

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