We get 52,129 followers on Instagram for eight months (practical experience)

Roman Smith • 11 February 2020

We get 52,129 followers on Instagram for eight months (practical experience)


One day, at dinner, I was thinking about topics for my future posts on my personal blog. (Of course, you shouldn't have loaded your head with thoughts of working at night). Sinful, I repent).


But I was hooked on the Twitter conversation.


Randomly, I caught the eye of Nathan Chan's post on Pat Flynn's page about the possibility of attracting 10,000 Instagram followers to their mailing lists every month. As a result, more than half a million people signed up for his page in the first year alone.


10 thousand subscriptions to the monthly newsletter? And this is just from Instagram? How so? It didn't fit in my head.


(Instagram instagram case study continues, so I recommend that you read the first part of It: we Get a hundred Instagram followers per day).

This adjusted all my plans for the evening in favor of setting up my Instagram profile.

And so, after some time, it was done.




I started to move step by step, based on Nathan's recommendations, and devoted several hours to Instagram every week. As a result, in just over six months, I should have had 52,129 subscribers.




For sure, many of you will now notice me: 500,000 followers per year, and 10,000 followers per month? This can't be... I don't believe it…


Of course, with this approach, you will not achieve the results of Nathan.


And here I agree with you.


But can you increase the number of its subscribers in dozens of times? Of course!


I used 9 strategies to promote my Instagram page. And now I will tell you about five, in my opinion, the most effective.


I have systematized all 9 strategies in a simple guide that is available for download and use by anyone who wants to promote their page in Instagram.


So instagram instagram is where we register and get high-quality subscriptions, increase conversion and sales through Instagram!


And in order to start promoting your page in Instagram, it is enough to take only three steps.


And now I will tell you about them. This will be enough to create and successfully develop your Instagram profile based on my experience.


Step one: set up a profile.


Almost half of the users who get to my Instagram page subscribe to it. How so? It's very simple. I have a great profile photo, and information about me and my activities is comprehensive and always up-to-date.


And the recommendations below will help you achieve great results, as I did.


Set a catchy profile photo.


There is no difference what your page is: company, or personal. The profile photo must be of high quality. Make sure that it looks perfect in both desktop and mobile versions.


Tell us about yourself: about your life and professional activities.


If your goal is to get targeted subscribers, you need to get them located. Show that you know what they need and what you can do. Tell us what you can do for them. What they can get from you.




Enter your profile name in the link to your page field.


After all, only in your profile you can specify a link to it.

Highlight key points for your business. Redirect users to your Instagram page and motivate them to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your information products.


I recommend redirecting them to your landing pages and getting them to subscribe to your mailing list.


Step two: create content for your Instagram page.


Do you know the expression: "consistency is the key to success"? Let's hope so. Well, if not, then you just forgot it. After all, as soon as you get to the page of a famous person, you want to sit on it longer and read almost everything.


This is not a reason to write a lot and systematically.


Decide what you will post on your page.


After all, your content should attract targeted subscribers, your potential customers. Famous personalities and brands make different content, seriously?


Well, that makes sense.


My main message is the need to adequately assess the relevance and quality of the material published for your subscribers.


Publish what you want:


Your photos, or photos of all your loved ones, photos of your workplace (in the office or at home), photos of your colleagues.




Quote, quote, and quote again, always and everywhere. This kind of content is made instantly and subscribers like it! To do this, you can use applications such as WordSwag and Typorama on your smartphone, or Canva if you are working from a computer. These apps help you create beautiful images. These can be photos of your products, customers, or services…




Video. If you've never posted a video before, it's time to start working with this format in Storis Instagram. Your subscribers are looking forward to this moment.


You can also experiment with the list of Buffer resources and tools that allow you to create images for social networks.


I advise you to remember the dogma from the famous work of Gary Vaynerchuk: "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook-in order to promote your products, landing pages or certain services, publish at least six photos that can interest your subscribers.




Publish content on a schedule

Before you publish anything, create a single promotion strategy. As I said earlier, the main key to success, especially when promoting on social networks, is consistency.


Know that if you are not a celebrity with a world name, you will not keep users for a long time.


Therefore, constantly remind yourself of yourself. Always be visible.


For a start, force yourself to publish at least three pictures every day. And if you get more , so much the better.


And try to dilute your instagram Story with live videos.


For this purpose, I chose a utility called Grum that allows you to schedule automatic publication of 60-90 photos daily from your computer. Automation makes life much easier!


Step three: we get a huge number of Instagram followers


Time to collect stones:


#1: You have set up your account.


#2: You made a great profile photo that catches the eye of users and attracts them


#3: you have created your biography in such a way that it attracts your potential customers.


#4: you have planned and created a personal content publishing calendar, and you have decided on the subject of your Instagram account.


Well, if all this is true, then it's time to think about the exposure for your profile, making its guests your subscribers, and turning subscribers into site visitors, or product buyers.


Post when your subscribers are most active.




For example, they are more active in the late evening than in the early morning.


Therefore, it is a logical decision to place publications when your subscribers are sitting online and are happy to watch, like and comment on your content.


And to view this type of Analytics data, log in to your Instagram account, click on the Options, go down and find the "Switch to business profile"option. Click on this item and do the following.


Analytics is what makes a business account stand out.


Instagram Facebook is a social network that you can connect to your Instagram account.


This is probably the easiest and most effective way to instantly communicate by easily connecting an Instagram account with a Facebook account.




Select at least 30 key hashtags.

In Instagram, each photo can be accompanied by 30 hashtags. So use them all. After all, if you choose the right hashtags, you can get a hundred likes under each post.


Criteria #1: the hashtag should attract, invite, your potential customers and buyers.


Criteria #2: you are interested in hashtags are signed with at least 25k-200k images.




Scream after scream

Now, when I write these lines, my Instagram account has about 50 thousand subscribers. On average, my messages are viewed by 8-12 thousand followers. (And I'm not trying to brag at all, and you'll soon find out what the point is.)


What is shoutout4shoutout (S4S) and what is it eaten with?


By and large, shouting is a kind of advertising, when you call your fans to go to another person's account in the title under your publication. And his account calls people to you in the same way.




This is probably the best technique for attracting new subscribers. And it can be used indefinitely throughout the day.


And if your account needs an active build-up of subscribers, then you can not find a more effective method than S4S.


For example, we use S4S three times a day. And let's remember how many users see each of our photos? That's right, from 8 to 12 thousand. That is, when we make S4S with the same accounts, the audience of my readers will be 30 thousand users. And most of them will become my subscribers.


And then we do:


Step #1: Find at least 10 accounts like ours (with similar content and subscribers).


Interest is more important than the number of subscribers.


Be sure to use the S4S scheme with accounts that have about the same number of comments and likes as yours.




Step #2: contact the owners of these accounts using direct messages or their contact details specified in their biography and show them your interest in S4S interaction with them. As a rule, most of them will agree to this type of cooperation.


Tip: an impressive number of users who want to work through S4S use the "Udar" app. To be honest, I do not know the reasons for this, but it is not effective. But if you want, you can find the user and find the Kick mark in his data, install this extension and connect to it 


Contact your subscribers in person

A lot of users use social networks only to broadcast their messages and for nothing else. Don't make such mistakes! Try to communicate more with your audience, respond to them in comments, and give answers to questions. If they put a question directly, give them a sensible answer.


These simple steps can be the line between your oblivion and the huge popularity of your photos in Instagram!




More recently, about a year ago, I personally perceived Instagram as nothing more than a social network for teenage girls who imitate top models.


But it turned out that I was deeply mistaken! Today, more than 600 million people around the world use Instagram.

They represent a variety of industries and not only. Therefore, it is worth paying tribute to Instagram.


In addition, most brands of global importance have made Instagram part of their sales empires.


And to be honest, I was inspired by Nathan's results. And I am immensely grateful to him. Setting up my Instagram account was probably my best business move in my entire career.


Naturally, my results are not the same as Nathan's. My account gets 300-400 subscribers every day. As a result, my readers for seven months were just over 52 thousand people.


However, we are not talking about the number of subscribers, but building a strategy for communicating with them, connecting with influential people, we are talking about the value of subscribers.


But do you know what is most interesting in this situation? According to statistics, over 6,200 people have subscribed to my mailing list thanks to Instagram. That's it!




Well, now it's your turn. I hope you will be inspired by my example and will pump your Instagram to the full.


So, go through the registration in Instagram. Attract targeted subscribers, increase conversion, and sell more on Instagram.


And for this:


#1: Make a photo of your account that attracts users, as well as a biography, describe your activities and ways to help users.


#2: Create a personal content creation strategy, think about the theme of your account ( use the Grum program for delayed content publishing).


#3: configure your business account and determine when most of your subscribers are online.


#4: Select 30 strategic hashtags.


Facebook Instagram


Facebook instagram account 

# 5: connect your Instagram Account to your Facebook account.


#6: Find at least 10 potential partners for S4S.













Result: ROI: 123%

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