Shopping multiplier - why is it needed and what is the effectiveness

MaikLOL • 22 March 2020

Almost ten years ago, several enthusiasts decided to leave college and start their project called Chewy.

First, young people tried to find investors who could provide financial support for their business. At this time, Amazon was already quite popular with customers around the world.

It took five years for Chewy to achieve the same popularity as Amazon and even surpass it in popularity. It has become the most popular online marketplace with tens of thousands of different pet products in the United States.

At the same time, prices were no lower than those of competitors and the range did not include any exclusive items. It was a regular site with standard methods of payment and delivery. The main difference from other companies is that Chewy treated its customers with care, as their own family. For each buyer, there were special mailings with detailed instructions and kind words.



Now the company employs about 100 specialists, whose task is to draw pictures of the buyers' pets, and then send them by mail. At the moment, no other organization does this.



Customer service multiplier


Such actions are expensive campaigns, but bring joy to customers. Not every manager is ready to take such a risky step for the sake of his client.

If you count, then every pet lover spends at least $ 60,000 for his life. Such purchases are regular and are necessary for everyday life.


The second plus of this move is that people are happy to share content related to animals with each other. Every day on social networks posts with illustrations by Chewy appear. That is why an individual approach to each client is so important.

The third point is that people like to feel what they think and care about. Service at Chewy just demonstrates such care and an individual approach to each customer.

The combination of creativity and attention to detail makes Chewy's work so effective. In fact, in this situation, advertising works for itself, fully paying back the invested funds. Nevertheless, the situation in the demand market also affects the final result of the advertising company. Competitors also strive to maintain their niche in the market.

The giant corporations that own the situation are also taken into account. To get the right customer service multiplier, try not to cross the road for companies like Amazon if you can't offer something better.



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