Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Facebook Target Ads in Peru & Mexico (Offer: HIALURONIKA)

Columbo • 16 April 2022

CASE STUDY: Facebook Targeting Ads on HIALURONIKA ($8,945)
? Offer: Hialuronika
? Source: Facebook and Instagram
? Expenses: ≈ $13,000 USD.
? Income: $21945 USD
? Date: December 2021 - February 2022
? Affiliate: LeadRock
? Geo: Mexico and Peru
✅ ROI: ≈ 70%
? Profit: $8945 USD

Choice of niche, offer and GEO

This countries seemed to be trending last year and earlier. Now the auction is more expensive and the competition is higher, but you can work.

Rejuvenation on Latam cast last year, but the bundle ran out of steam.

This time the manager Alexander wrote that the offer was updated and the conditions improved. So I decided to reanimate the old bundle.

Creatives and rejuvenation bundle
For the creo took a jar of cream and various texts from the spays. CTR is not particularly high, but this approach, I think, not really triggers FB *. Here is one of the long-living creos. Below will be the stats for this particular creo.

Facebook Ad



We tested a few prelandings. We took prelandings from provider of offer and adheart, the best converted prelend was the one we used last year.



After about a month the conversion sagged considerably, and we replaced it with a less new one:

Facebook Ad example

The leads were transferred via API.


Domains and hosting

Domains were inexpensive, up to 100 rubles. Previously tried domains with reactions - likes on FB* and eventually switched to just new ones. To my mind, the difference is not really noticeable.

Tried before expensive .com domains with reactions, I can not say that the launches from them are better. If the period of bans, everything is also out.


Accounts, campaign setup and launch

Accounts their farm, GEO UA accounts, maps point to Ukraine, now GEO without VAT - Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia. Farm on mobile proxies. Gologin and Dolphin. Dolphin Stata.

I tried to work with rental and all sorts of expensive purchased farms. But during the mass bans all also crashed, as well as the usual farm.

Launched with CCDA aces, left a lot from the time of the fall bans. And the launches even when everyone seems to have let go, still through unbans and appeals against the rejected creo.

Launches from personal accounts 1-1-1. Limits on accounts of $50. Trying a different scheme, but with personalities is easier.


Facebook Analytics

Of course, I'm not happy about the $4.5 lead cost, but considering the 40% uprush on Mexico and the higher payout of $15, I should be able to sell them.

Fb stats


Affiliate stats

Of course, I'm not happy about the $4.5 lead cost, but considering the 40% uprush on Mexico and the higher payout of $15, I should be able to sell them.

Affiliate analytics


The upside with these bets is Mexico 40% and Peru 33%, payouts of $15 each.


I did it on Hialuronika from December till February. I earned $21945 and got $8945 in profit. At the moment we can continue to test this connection, but our connection does not bring desirable ROI.

Result: ? Profit: $8945 USD

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