Push-notifications to Vietnam

Megapu.sh • 7 November 2019

Affiliate program: dr.cash

Offer: Penirum

Period of the advertising campaign: 01.03.19-07.05.19

Geo: Vietnam

Spent: $ 1982.33 + $ 541.09 + $ 3490.44 ≈ $ 6013.86

Received: $ 2525 + $ 663 + $ 3955.20 ≈ $ 7143.20

Profit: $ 542.67 (ROI ≈ 27.38%) + $ 121.91 (ROI ≈ 22.53%) + $ 464.76 (ROI ≈ 13.32%) ≈ $ 1129.34 (ROI ≈ 18, 78%)

The fact is that I was very busy in my affairs, but now the cases will be more frequent.

Today we will talk about push, about how to submit them, how long the bundles live in them, there will be an analysis to the smallest detail.

I will demonstrate this clearly with the example of Vietnam. So, let's get down to business:

You may have a question, how did it happen that all my cases and articles on the Asian topic, the answer is simple: there is cheap traffic, there is a lot of it and the target audience likes to order online. Especially for potency.

I follow a strict rule - look for a fresh offer. For arbitrage (SPA) this is very important. I look at all affiliate programs every day, and one day I saw an offer to Vietnam. I made a couple of creatives on mobile and on PC in Megapu.sh, because there is a lot of traffic and good quality, and now: 2 creatives started giving very cheap leads, confirmation of applications was also great - 30/40%.

I’ve bought traffic since March with interruptions, from all feeds, turning off non-converting ones, interruptions were made when the indicators dropped: once a week for two to three weeks. The target audience managed to become newer, lay down, after which approve and the envelope began to please again. At first, traffic was shown for COD, then for CPL (Cost Per Lead), while the advertiser ordered to stop due to quality.

The peculiarity of push notifications is that the target audience quickly burns out, but if the network is engaged in updating the base, overgrown with new subscriptions, the offer comes to life.

Now for creatives, many arbitrageurs use pharmaceutical photos, sometimes it works, but I prefer to get acquainted with the target audience before showing ads.

Therefore, their party emblem and flag were used as an icon, it worked! And the texts were translated into an affiliate program.





Result: Profit: 1129,34$

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